Grace Harris detail comes to light amid 'extraordinary' Aussie cricket history

The WBBL star left the cricket world in a frenzy after smashing a six with a broken bat.

Seen here, Brisbane Heat's WBBL star Grace Harris.
Brisbane Heat's Grace Harris hit the highest individual score in WBBL history after breaking her bat. Pic: Getty

The bat which produced one of the most extraordinary sixes seen in top level cricket will live to smite another day after being brought back from the dead by its creator. Vision of Brisbane Heat WBBL batter Grace Harris smashing a ball over the long-on boundary with a broken bat – after rejecting a replacement - has been viewed more than a million times by disbelieving cricket fans.

Harris called for a new bat before reneging, holding back an immediate switch while telling a teammate: "Stuff it... I'll still hit it.” She middled the next delivery, clearing the rope as the handle and blade separated.

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"(The handle) just clicked a little bit and I didn’t want to be given out snicked off, if it clicked as the ball went past and I didn't hit the ball," the larger-than-life Harris said of the broken bat.

"But when I faced up, I just thought that it was probably hanging on. When they do get that looser handle they are at their best, they’re pinging."

Grace Harris makes WBBL history after breaking bat

Forced to take a new bat, Harris picked up where she left off to post a scintillating 136 from just 59 deliveries, setting up an easy 50-run win over the Perth Scorchers.

It is the highest individual score in WBBL history while her 11 sixes also set a new record.

While most expected Harris to leave the broken bat behind in a North Sydney Oval bin, the Heat opener wasn't about to give up on her treasured piece of willow.

The next morning she travelled out to her sponsor – Kingsgrove Sports in Sydney's west – to see if the prized $525 Kingsport Noble Hyper could be saved.

Pictured left, WBBL star Grace Harris' bat under repair.
Grace Harris' bat is being repaired after breaking when the WBBL's star hit an extraordinary six. Pic: Supplied/Getty

"I've been in cricket a long time and selling bats for 48 years so not much surprises me, but that's the first time I've seen anything like that," Kingsgrove owner Harry Solomons told Yahoo Sport Australia.

"I've never seen someone hit it so cleanly and it go for six and the bat handle come away like it did.

"I made that bat for her and the blade is sensational - there's nothing wrong with it – but the problem is she hits the ball too hard!

"The handle is broken but she loves the bat that much we've repaired it for her."

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