Cricket fan wins $50,000 with incredible catch

A Kiwi cricket fan has won himself a cool $50,000 with a brilliant one-handed crowd catch.

Craig Dougherty was watching on as New Zealand took on Pakistan in a one-dayer in Dunedin on Saturday when the incredible moment occurred.

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In the very first over of the match, Martin Guptill flicked a six over the mid-wicket boundary, where Dougherty was waiting to pounce.

The builder by trade plucked a magical catch with one hand, sparking a massive roar from the crowd and a clap from Guptill himself.

What a catch! Image: Sky Sport NZ

Throughout the Kiwi summer of cricket, fans have been given the amazing opportunity to win $50K if they can manage to catch a six one-handed.

They have to have signed up to the competition and be wearing the orange shirt provided, which Dougherty was.

How good! Image: Sky Sport NZ

"I just got a hell of a shock when it was coming my way," Dougherty said.

"When I saw it coming, I thought 'there's no way that's going to carry, that's not going to carry, that's not going to carry.'

"That's probably why I looked so casual, and then just stuck the hand out and it stuck."

It's the first time this summer that a punter has managed to win the $50,000, although one unlucky bloke was denied the cash earlier this month.

The young fan was in attendance for a T20 against West Indies when he took a screamer with one-hand but wasn't wearing the orange shirt.

His expression instantly turned from elation to horror when he realised how close he'd come to winning $50,000.

And it wasn't just fans taking great catches on Saturday.

Kiwi skipper Kane Williamson took an absolute screamer as New Zealand won by 183 runs.