Cricket fan robbed of $50,000 catch on technicality

A Kiwi cricket fan thought he'd won himself $50,000 with a brilliant one-handed crowd catch, but there was one small problem.

The young man was in attendance as New Zealand beat West Indies in a T20 clash on Wednesday, watching on as the Kiwis recorded a thumping victory.

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Throughout the summer, fans have been given the amazing opportunity to win $50,000 if they can catch a six with one hand.

There's just one catch (pardon the pun) - they have to be wearing a special orange shirt to be part of the promotion.

Take the catch, drop the cash. Image: Fox Sports

After Windies batsman Andre Fletcher blasted a six over the point boundary on Wednesday night, one youngster plucked a remarkable catch in one hand.

However his joy turned to horror as he realised he wasn't wearing the orange shirt.

His mate was wearing the right shirt. Image: Fox Sports

All of his mates around him were, and one even tried to claim the catch for himself.

Whether he had an orange shirt and decided not to wear it isn't known, but we're pretty sure he'll be wearing it from now on.

He put his mate's shirt on later. Image: Fox Sports

Despite plenty of sixes throughout the summer, no one has managed to grab the $50,000 yet.

This unlucky bloke has come closest, dropping his shot at some serious cash: