Candice Warner spills the beans as fresh Ashes altercation comes to light

Aussie players were 'touched' and even 'kicked' as the unedifying behaviour of MCC members further comes to light.

Candice Warner is pictured left, with Usman Khawaja seen confronting MCC members on the right.
Candice Warner says MCC members were so unruly that some Aussie players were 'kicked' as they walked through the Long Room at the second Ashes Test at Lord's. Pictures: Getty Images/ABC

Candice Warner and Nathan Lyon have shed more light on the unedifying fallout following the second Ashes Test at Lord's, revealing more about what the Australian team were confronted with in the wake of Alex Carey's controversial stumping of England rival Jonny Bairstow. Both spoke about a 'confrontation' between Bairstow and Australian players in the lunchroom at Lord's, while Warner suggested Aussie players were 'touched' and 'kicked' by MCC members in the unruly scenes that emerged in the usually dignified Long Room at Lord's in the aftermath of the wicket.

While both teams are firmly focused on the upcoming fourth Test at Old Trafford, there have been deeper consequences for England cricket fans, with three MCC members facing having their membership stripped after an ugly interaction with Aussie opener Usman Khawaja. Warner was particularly critical of drunken fans who she said had soured the atmosphere of what would typically be a boisterous but otherwise respectful rivalry between the two sides.

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She told Fox Sports program The Back Page that the typically close-quarters arrangements for lunch had been altered since the incident, possibly spurred in part after some heated words were exchanged between Bairstow and Australian players. Lyon, who at this stage was already out of the series having suffered a torn calf earlier in the Lord's Test, said he 'hobbled up on my crutches' in order to try and defuse some of the tension.

Warner said Bairstow and David Warner, who have been longtime teammates in the Indian Premier League, had exchanged barbs in the noticeably small lunch area allocated to the two teams.

“In the lunchroom, it’s a really tiny room. You wouldn’t believe how small it is! There’s three tables, and there’s one way in, there’s one way out, so you’re crossing each other," she said.

“From what I am to believe, the Australian team were sitting on one table, the English team (were sitting on another table). Jonny got up and had a few words, David had a few words back at him.

“You’ve got to remember David and Jonny are mates, they played IPL together. Like a lot of people now they have friendships from what franchise cricket has created.”

Aussies left 'gobsmacked' by behaviour of MCC members

Warner reserved more serious criticism for the behaviour of MCC members, which may well result in members never again being allowed as close as they were to players walking off the ground. Players from both teams walk through the Long Room, with the privilege of being so close to international cricket's elite now possibly being taken off the table in the exclusive club as a result.

“It was pretty disgusting, we were in a box on the left hand side of the Member’s Pavilion. That whole Test was pretty grubby, to be completely honest," she said.

"It wasn’t just what was going on there (in the Long Room). The amount of alcohol that was consumed, you’re allowed to take two bottles in with you unlike in Australia where you obviously cannot.

“It was very disappointing, even after the game when the supporters stuck around. There were players like Starcy and Pat Cummins trying to do their media, the vile abuse kept going.

“It wasn’t just those images there (where the Aussies walked through the Long Room). It continued two flights of stairs up to the changeroom and two more flights of stairs up to where the boys were having lunch. You don’t want to see that anywhere.

“There were some players who actually were touched, were kicked. Usman Khawaja was really upset at what was directed at him as well.”

Nathan Lyon.
Nathan Lyon says the Australian team was completely taken aback by the vicious response from MCC members in the Long Room at the Lord's Test. (Photo by IAN KINGTON/AFP via Getty Images) (AFP via Getty Images)

Lyon said he had been left 'gobsmacked' at what emerged from the Long Room, typically famed for its gentlemanly atmosphere - a reputation all but destroyed in one boorish swoop. He said that, despite the allegations levelled at three members in particular, the Aussies found the situation more amusing than anything, given the incredible angry Bairstow's dismissal had seemingly prompted from the MCC members.

“The emotions in the change room were quite remarkable,” Lyon continued. “Everyone was gobsmacked but found it hilarious because you walk through that Long Room, and you’re more chance of getting sued than punched.

“So you look at it like that and all these guys abusing you and you’re like, ‘What’s going on here?’ It was quite funny in all respects.”

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