Candice Warner in fresh on-air swipe at Cricket Australia's treatment of husband David

Warner's glittering Test cricket career was never far away from controversy.

Candice Warner - the wife of retired Test cricket star David - has made a number of startling claims about the treatment of her husband, on reality TV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Candice Warner is one of the celebrities appearing on the Network 10 show and she dropped a number of bombshell claims against Cricket Australia (CA) and her husband's former teammates on Tuesday night’s episode.

Candice has always staunchly defended her husband in the face of criticism, most notably his role in the infamous 2018 ball-tampering scandal in South Africa. The former Test opener was suspended for 12 months for his part in the scandal and handed a lifetime leadership ban from CA that he ultimately decided against appealing after accusing the independent panel adjudicating on it of unfairly trying to dredge up the scandal.

Pictured left to right, David and Candice Warner.
Candice Warner has made some staggering new claims about Cricket Australia's treatment of her husband David. Pic: Getty

Warner's wife has suggested in the past that more details around the ball-tampering controversy will eventually come to light and on Tuesday night's episode of the Channel 10 show, she made a number of other eye-opening claims. “He’s always had these people who’ve had a misconception of him,” Candice said. “But when you actually get to know him, he’s the most kindest, generous person. I think he would have been better off playing in a different era.”

Candice lashes Cricket Australia over David Warner treatment

Paralympian Ellie Cole asked if that meant in an era where there wasn't so much media attention, but Candice said that wasn't the biggest part of the problem. “Well in an era where people aren’t as selfish," she replied. "You know, where it’s more about other players protecting the players.”

Former Big Brother contestant and influencer Skye Wheatley interjected by asking: “Oh my gosh are you saying that’s how he’s been burnt... by his teammates?” The question led to perhaps the biggest bombshell from Candice who put the blowtorch on her husband's former teammates and the CA administration itself.

Seen here, Candice and David Warner.
Candice Warner says Cricket Australia's relationship with her husband David was never the same after the ball-tampering scandal. Pic: Getty

“At times 100 per cent. But it’s not just them (the players), it’s the administration,” Candice stated. “Look, the current coaching staff... have been brilliant. Like they, a very different style of coaching and everything like that. But throughout his career the administration definitely, basically didn’t want him there. Because he’s different, he doesn’t typically fit the mould of a cricket player.”

AFL great Peter Daicos labelled Candice's assertion "silly" and argued it was Warner's combative nature that made him such a great cricketer. The opener often revelled in adversity and said on multiple occasions that he thrived when his back was against the wall and had a point to prove to critics.

“That’s silly, that’s what made him the player he is. Your personality is you," Daicos said in response to Candice's claims about CA. But the former iron woman argued that cricket administrators turned their back on her husband when his brand didn't "suit their brand".

Candice then went onto make one staggering final claim on the show that she and David had been "burnt" by numerous people over the course of his cricket career. “There’s been plenty of people that have burnt myself and David along the way and it happens to so many people, and it wouldn’t be right for me to name them individually, but those people know who they are," she said.

Candice Warner has slammed Cricket Australia in the past

Candice has lashed CA in the past after claiming she and David were given little to no support by the organisation during the controversial 2018 tour of South Africa. As well as the ball-tampering scandal, Candice claims she was told by CA to "keep her mouth shut" after being targeted by fans over her infamous toilet tryst with former All Blacks legend, Sonny Bill Williams.

Candice was taunted by fans wearing masks of Sonny Bill's face in reference to the 2007 incident at Clovelly Hotel when she was filmed in a toilet cubicle with the rugby legend - years before she met David. Fans wore the Williams masks in an attempt to taunt the Warner family, with South African officials were also caught posing for photos with the same fans.


“I was even told by someone within Cricket Australia at the time... that it’s in the team’s best interest to keep your mouth shut," she revealed on the Matty Johns podcast last year. "That fired me up, and David up... we have so much respect for the team, but we’re also human beings. There was no help, at all. It’s sad, because I learnt to just accept it.”

These images show David and Candice Warner, as well as Sonny Bill Williams.
Candice Warner claims she was told to keep her mouth shut amid the furore involving Sonny Bill Williams. Image: Getty

Candice claimed her husband's relationship with CA was never the same after he was accused of being the 'mastermind' behind the ball-tampering plot. “There was no support. Basically from when we left the hotel in South Africa, David was wiped,” she said.

“There was no Cricket Australia official helping him. There was nothing. It’s like basically you fend for yourself now, see you later. Thanks for your services. Probably, we’re going to do our best for you not to ever come back and play cricket for our country again. We’re going to blame you for everything, and that’s what they did.”