Aussie cricket boss reacts to Michael Slater's spray for Scott Morrison

Riley Morgan
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Michael Slater (pictured) during commentary.
Australian Cricket Association boss Todd Greenberg responded to Michael Slater's (pictured) frustration at the prime minister. (Getty Images)

Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) boss Todd Greenberg has responded to former Australian player Michael Slater after his scathing attack on the government amid India's Covid-19 chaos.

Slater, who has been working as a commentator in the Indian Premier League, said the PM has 'blood on his hands' in a scathing social media post on Monday night.

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Many Australians, including 20 cricketers and officials, are stuck in India after the government shut the border for passenger flights, while Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson left before the shut off.

India recorded more than 300,000 new cases for a 12th straight day but medical experts warn the real number could be up to 10 times higher.

Slater had attempted to return home to Australia, only to be blocked by the travel ban and face a five-year jail term if he tried to get home.

But speaking on 2GB Radio, Greenberg admitted Slater's level of frustration was shared by many Australians unable to return home around the world.

"Strong words, and I am sure you can sense through Michael his frustration, and I am sure his frustration is shared from a lot of Australians who are stranded, not just cricketers, but Australians stranded in other parts of the world who want to come home," he said on 2GB to Ben Fordham.

"It is very difficult for the government and they are clearly trying to keep us all safe here, but look after our own who are elsewhere across the world.

"Michael's frustration is felt by others."

Greenberg said they would just have to work with the government to make sure everyone can return home.

But the ACA boss also said the players that went over to India went over with their 'eyes wide open' on the situation ahead of the IPL.

Scott Morrison dismisses criticism of India travel ban

The PM dismissed Slater's comments on Tuesday morning.

"No, that's obviously absurd," he told the Nine Network.

"This is about getting more people home safely, preventing a third wave here in Australia."

The prime minister said the rapid escalation of cases arriving from India put enormous pressure on the quarantine regime but denied it showed the system's weakness.

"Every system is going to face its stresses and I'm not going to break the system," he said.

"What I'm going to do is take proportionate action to protect the system so I can bring more Australians home and keep Australians safe for the longer term."

Mr Morrison has committed to continually review the travel pause which is in place until May 15.

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