Andrew Flintoff in staggering $17 million development after horror incident

The cricket great suffered nasty injuries in a high-speed crash while filming a segment for TV show, Top gear.

Pictured here is England cricket legend Andrew Flintoff with his wife Rachael.
Andrew Flintoff suffered life-altering injuries in a horror 2022 crash during filming for Top Gear. Pic: Getty

The BBC has agreed to pay Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff £9 million ($A17 million) after reaching a settlement with the England cricket legend over a horror accident on Top Gear that left him with serious injuries. Flintoff's son Corey revealed at the time that his father and host of the British motorsport show was "lucky to be alive" after crashing a three-wheeled Morgan Super 3 while driving at more than 209kh/h at the Dunsfold Park Aerodrome in Surrey last December.

The shocking crash happened during filming for BBC's long-running Top Gear program, with The Sun reporting that the British broadcaster and Flintoff have reached an agreement on a lucrative compensation package. The report goes on to say that the £9 million figure is based on the former England all-rounder missing out on two years of earnings.

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Filming of Top Gear was suspended in the wake of the scary accident, which Flintoff's legal team said had left him with "life-alteringly significant" injuries. Flintoff received medical care at the scene of the crash in Surrey before being taken to hospital for further treatment.

"BBC Studios has reached an agreement with Freddie that we believe supports his continued rehabilitation, return to work and future plans," a statement from the British broadcaster read. We have sincerely apologised to Freddie and will continue to support him with his recovery."

Seen here is Andrew Flintoff wife Rachael and children Holly, Corey and Rocky.
Andrew Flintoff wife Rachael and children Holly, Corey and Rocky. Image: Getty

It's understood an external investigation into the incident is still ongoing, although the results may not be made public. BBC Studios conducted its own investigation and apologised to the cricket great at the time after announcing a health and safety review of the show.

Flintoff was pictured with visible scars on his face and tape on his nose after appearing at an England cricket game in September. The 45-year-old led fielding drills for the England players before the team's first ODI against New Zealand in Cardiff.

Andrew Flintoff recovering after 'hardest' period of his life

The England cricket great described the last few months of this year as being the “hardest” of his life after only recently speaking about the horror crash for the first time publicly. Flintoff delivered an emotional speech to England's cricketers before an ODI against Ireland last month, with the ECB only releasing the clip at the beginning of October.

The video shows Flintoff presenting an England cap to spin bowler Tom Hartley, before going on to say: “It gives me so much pleasure to share what’s going to be a day, Tom, that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life...

“When you get this cap it changes your life. It’s one of those things, it’s before and after it. This enables you to walk tall and move faster. Play with passion, play with pride, play with belief. And also be a part of a family of people.

“They’ll share the good times with you, the successes. But as I found over the past few months, they’ll be there in the hardest times of your life, they will stand next to you.

“So like the lion on the cap Tom, be brave, be fearless, be proud and enjoy every minute. It gives me great pleasure to present cap number 272 to Tom Hartley.”

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