Alyssa Healy lifts lid on Mitchell Starc 'betrayal' in funny marriage revelation

The Australian cricketer revealed her biggest gripe with her husband.

Pictured Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Starc
Alyssa Healy has opened up on how Mitchell Starc watches the TV show they are watching together without her. Image: Getty

Australia's cricket power couple, Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy, have opened up on their marriage, with Healy quipping that she would rather walk in on Starc with another woman than have him watch a TV show without her. Healy, who is reportedly set to buy a $25 million luxury home in Sydney’s Terrey Hills with Starc, told Nova's 'Separate Bathrooms' podcast that the Aussie quick recently 'betrayed' in that respect her while she was out of the house.

Starc and Healy, who have been married since 2016, told the podcast that the first time they decided to watch a TV series together, Starc couldn't help himself and continued to watch the show without her. "We started watching Billions or something like that together. And we were like, Oh, we're at home. Let's watch it together. This will be great," Healy said.

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"Anyway. I went out, I reckon I went to hockey training or something and came home and there's Mitch on the couch watching it without me. And I've never felt so betrayed in my life. I think I literally said I wished that I walked in and there was another woman here because I actually think this is so much worse."

Healy chuckled as she explained that they have since moved on and have started to watch shows together again. "We've sort of put that aside. I was a little bit nervous to go there again, I thought you know what, I'm not going through this all over again. But we are," she said.

"When we're at home, we tend to watch similar sort of shows of an evening but we don't watch Netflix or anything like that together, that's for touring - touring life. And then we compare notes later."

Australian cricket couple Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy pictured together
Australian cricket couple Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy are reportedly in the process of buying a new $25 million property. Image: Getty

Alyssa Healy opens up on marriage with Mitchell Starc

Healy and Starc also provided a rare insight into how they make things work considering they're both elite athletes who spend so much time away from home. "We're lucky nowadays we have phones, right?" Healy said. "We have the ability to FaceTime or WhatsApp or call one another, basically, anytime of the day. And time zones don't exactly help us all the time, especially when you know, I'm playing in one part of the world and he's playing in the other, you end up missing one another, sort of halfway through the day.

"But for us, it's just keeping it really simple. I mean, we chat about the important things, what's going on in our lives and then making sure that we're supporting one another at the same time. I think that's really important.

"And we're in touch every day. We don't like call one another every day or FaceTime one another every day, but we still talk about the important things and I think that's sort of what works and it makes the moments when you're together, which is quite rare throughout the year, even more special. You get to spend the time together but you still know what's going on in the other person's life. So I think it kind of makes it easy and it makes it more seamless I think."

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