Alex Carey's run out incident against Pakistan stuns cricket world after Ashes drama

Cricket fans couldn't help but compare it to the Ashes moment involving Jonny Bairstow.

Alex Carey stumps and Carey reacts.
Alex Carey (pictured) has left cricket fans flabbergasted after failing to whip off the bails against Pakistan in a bizarre moment reminiscent following his Ashes drama. (Images: Fox Sports/Getty Images)

Alex Carey has left Aussie cricket fans flabbergasted after failing to whip off the bails against Pakistan in a bizarre moment following his Ashes controversy. Mitch Marsh stole the show on day 2 against Pakistan, but Carey was involved in a baffling moment when he attempted to smash the bails off when Abdullah Shafique left his crease after playing a defensive shot.

The Aussie players erupted in celebrations thinking Carey had taken the wicket with Shafique lifting up his foot after the delivery. However, much to the amazement of viewers and the players themselves, the bails remained firmly in place.

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"It touched the stump. I hit the stumps," Carey could be heard saying over the mic-stump. David Warner yelled: "That's out" when he thought Carey had whipped off the bails.

The commentators were left stunned after the bizarre Carey moment. “He touched the stump, but the bails didn’t move. The bails didn’t come out of the groove and there was a moment where Shafique had his foot in the air,” Isa Guha said on Fox Sports commentary.

Adam Gilchrist admitted it would have been a fair dismissal, in one of cricket's mirky areas that has caused division this year. “It was a swift bit of work from Marnus," he said. “I think that would have been fair game.”

The moment comes after Carey was caught in an Ashes firestorm earlier this year. Bairstow walked out of his crease before the umpire had called the ball dead with Carey reacting immediately after catching the ball and throwing it at the stumps. Bairstow unwittingly walked out of his crease and was run out in a move that caused division.

Alex Carey catches the ball.
Alex Carey (pictured) was involved in a bizarre moment against Pakistan at Optus Stadium. (Photo by James Worsfold - CA/Cricket Australia via Getty Images)

Having been embroiled in a worldwide divide over the incident, some viewers questioned whether Carey hesitated with the Ashes moment still weighing on him. Others dismissed the incident down to an unfortunate miss from Carey.

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