Boat Race 2024: Who are the coxes for Oxford and Cambridge?

The cox is a crucial part  (Getty Images)
The cox is a crucial part (Getty Images)

One of British sport’s longest-running annual events, the Boat Race returns in 2024 with the best rowers at Oxford and Cambridge doing battle in London.

Men’s and women’s crews will pilot their boats through the 6.8km course along the River Thames, with Cambridge hoping to follow up a clean sweep last year and extend their advantage in both series.

Fans are expected to line the riverbanks and provide plenty of support across the day of rowing, with bragging rights on the line for another year.

Four strong octets have been named for the feature races, with the quartet of coxes set to be key, too.

Here’s everything you need to know.

When is the Boat Race?

The 2024 Boat Race will take place on Saturday 30 March along the River Thames in London.

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch live on BBC One, with coverage on the channel from 2pm GMT. A livestream will be available via the iPlayer.

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What does the cox do?

Officially the coxswain, the ninth member of an eights boat is the only member who does not row. Instead, they sit facing forward towards the bow and steer the boat, ensuring that it remains on course and does not run into danger. They also coordinate the rhythm of the rowers.

The cox can be either male or female, with British Rowing’s minimum weight 55kg for men’s races and 50kg for women’s races. It is tradition that the winning Boat Race cox is thrown into the Thames by the rest of their team.

Who are the coxes for Oxford and Cambridge in 2024?

Oxford: Joe Gellett (women), William Denegri (men)

Cambridge: Hannah Murphy (women), Ed Bracey (men)

Who are the blue boat crews?


Oxford Women

Cambridge Women

Coached by Allan French

Coached by Paddy Ryan

Sarah Marshall (bow)

Gemma King (bow)

Ella Stadler (President)

Jo Matthews

Tessa Haining

Clare Hole

Claire Aitken

Jenna Armstrong (President)

Julia Lindsay

Carina Graf

Annie Sharp

Carys Earl

Lucy Edmunds

Iris Powell

Annie Anezakis (stroke)

Megan Lee (stroke)

Joe Gellett (cox)

Hannah Murphy (cox)


Oxford Men

Cambridge Men

Coached by Sean Bowden

Coached by Rob Baker

Saxon Stacey (bow)

Sebastien Benzecry (bow, President)

Harry Glenister

Noam Mouelle

Jelmer Bennema

Thomas Marsh

James Doran

Augustus John

Elias Kun

Kenneth Coplan

Frederick Roper

Thomas Lynch

Leonard Jenkins

Luca Ferraro

Elliot Kemp (stroke)

Matt Edge (stroke)

William Denegri (cox)

Ed Bracey (cox)

What is the course?

The Boat Race course, known as the Championship Course, is four miles and 374 yards (6.8 km) long. It stretches between Putney and Mortlake on the River Thames in south west London.

The race is rowed upstream, but starts during the incoming tide to ensure that crews are rowing with the fast stream.

What time are the Boat Races and what is the full schedule?

The two marquee races begin at 2.46pm GMT and 3.46pm GMT respectively

Time (GMT)



River closes – Preliminary road closures in place. Hammersmith Bridge closes to cyclists and pedestrians


Festival of Rowing starts in Mortlake


Fan Zones open – Fulham and Hammersmith


Festival of Rowing Arrives in Putney


Festival of Rowing ends in Mortlake


Women’s Boat Race coin toss (Putney Embankment)


Final road closures in place


The Men’s Boat Race coin toss (Putney Embankment)


BBC broadcast starts


78th Women’s Boat Race


Osiris v Blondie Race


Isis v Goldie Boat Race


169th Men’s Boat Race


Women’s winning crew trophy presentation (Mortlake)


Men’s winning crew trophy presentation (Mortlake)


Women’s Boat Race Cox and Men’s Boat Race cox toss (Mortlake)


BBC Broadcast Ends


Hammersmith Bridge Opens to Cyclists and Pedestrians.


River Opens


Fan Zones at Fulham and Hammersmith close