Ray Hadley savages Anthony Mundine over 'bullsh*t' vaccine claims

Ray Hadley and Anthony Mundine, pictured here talking to the media.
Ray Hadley has savaged Anthony Mundine. Image: AAP/Getty

Ray Hadley has taken aim at Anthony Mundine after the retired Aussie boxer claimed the Covid-19 vaccine rollout was akin to “blatant genocide”.

Mundine took to Facebook on Tuesday with an extraordinary rant about vaccines, calling on his followers to "do your research".

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Without a shred of evidence or proof, the 45-year-old claimed there are “evil plans” in place for global depopulation.

“You take the shot then you will have serious health problems even death!” Mundine wrote.

“There (sic) evil plans are to depopulate the world to 1 billion people we are at 7/8 billion now … this is blatant genocide on the human race with a virus that has 99.7% recovery rate!

“I’ll let my immune system go to work cause if you take the shot your immune system becomes paralysed!


Anthony Mundine's rant about vaccines, pictured here on Facebook.
Anthony Mundine's rant about vaccines. Image: Facebook

In actual fact, vaccines are designed to train the immune system to fight diseases.

Speaking on his 2GB radio program on Tuesday, veteran broadcaster Hadley savaged Mundine.

“In the past, I’ve ignored your rantings … because I think at the base of it you’re not a bad person," Hadley said.

"But this irresponsible stupidity that you’re now posting can cause great concern for people.

“Anthony, I’ll take my medical advice from professors and doctors, not you.

“You read that somewhere on the internet, did you, Anthony? Or did someone read it to you?

“It’s just mind-boggling that a young man who’s reasonably intelligent, one would hope, could come out with such unadulterated bulls**t. Because that’s exactly what it is.”

Anthony Mundine, pictured here during the weigh in for his fight with John Wayne-Parr in 2019.
Anthony Mundine speaks to the media during the weigh in for his fight with John Wayne-Parr in 2019. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

Vaccine rollout expanded to people over 50

From May 17, the vaccination program will be expanded to GP surgeries, with up to 15.8 million doses available during this phase of the rollout.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said regulators and experts were continuing to look carefully at every report of adverse reactions including blood clots.

"My clear message is that the benefit of the vaccine outweighs the risk. People are seeing what's happening in India," he told ABC radio.

Professor Kelly said the objective of the rollout was to keep Australia safe in navigating the path out of the pandemic.

"An outbreak could happen in Australia so please do not hesitate," he said.

"This is not a compulsory vaccine so people have their choice but waiting until the end of the year is not advised."

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the vaccines would provide an overwhelming protection for the health system.

"Vaccination saves lives and it protects lives. But it's not an absolute prohibition on transmission," he said.

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