'Even lovers need a holiday': Roger Federer trolls opponent with perfect quip

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Roger Federer (L) of Switzerland and Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria pose for a photo. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Roger Federer showed why is loved around the world after hilariously trolling friend Grigor Dimitrov after the Bulgarian’s post on Instagram.

Dimitrov turned to Instagram for a heartfelt message about his thoughts surrounding the break from tennis during the coronavirus pandemic that has seen the ATP Tour come to a halt.

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But as member of the ‘Backhand Boys’ - the name given to Federer, Dimitrov and Tommy Hass after singing Chicago’s ‘Hard to Say I’m Sorry’ - the former World No.3 probably didn’t think he would be trolled by the other two members of the band.

“As the days are rolling by I cannot help but thinking how much I miss competing. For the first time in 24 years the real uncertainty of when you are going out there creeps in,” he started.

“I’m so grateful to that sport, it has given me all I can ask for (yes, frustrating too at times) but it always teaches me something that goes way beyond the sport. It challenges me! Thank you! I miss you tennis!”

But Federer and Hass thought they would troll Dimitrov’s passion for the game using lines from the song.

The 20-time Grand Slam champ jumped in and reiterated the famous line: “Even lovers need a holiday”.

Before Hass added to the humour: “Everybody needs a little time away.”

Hass recently asked for song suggestions igniting a frenzy to whether tennis fans would see the ‘Backhand Boys’ reunite.

Dimitrov’s bizarre workout session with Williams

Dimitrov and Venus Williams have flirted up a storm during an online workout class amid the coronavirus shutdown.

With gyms closed around the world, Venus has set up a virtual one on her Instagram page and runs weekly classes from her house.

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On Tuesday she hosted her class with the help of top men’s player Dimitrov, and things got a little steamy when she asked him about his abs.

Grigor Dimitrov o returns the ball during the singles match against Rafael Nadal. (Photo by Regina Cortina/Jam Media/Getty Images)

“Being one of the biggest heart-throbs on tour, how do you keep a six-pack?” Venus asked her special guest.

“If you want to have donuts, do you feel guilty that you’re letting your fans down?”

Dimitrov, who reportedly dated Venus’ sister Serena Williams in the past, replied: “I think it’s important to have indulgences.”

“You work hard, you just gotta enjoy a little bit. Plus, I’m still trying to work on my six-pack every day.”