Conor McGregor shows off war wounds from Khabib mauling

Before all hell broke loose, Conor McGregor was dominated by Khabib inside the Octagon, and he’s got the war wounds to show for it.

Khabib got McGregor to tap out during the fourth round of their grudge match at UFC 229, after spending majority of the fight on top of the Irishman on the ground.

But even when they went toe-to-toe while standing, Khabib showed he’s not just a wrestler, dropping McGregor with a huge right punch in the second round.

And McGregor has now taken to social media to show off the black eye he received as a result.

Conor copped a beating. Image: Getty/Twitter

McGregor posted a picture to Twitter on Monday sporting a big black eye, but despite the mauling he received, he doesn’t seem disheartened.

“We lost the match but won the battle,” he wrote. “The war goes on.”

McGregor had previously broken his silence on Twitter, calling for a rematch.

But will he get one?

“First of all, (Nurmagomedov) has to go before the commission,” UFC boss Dane White has said.

“We have to see what’s gonna happen with Khabib, with this whole mess.

“But Conor McGregor has already called me wanting a rematch.”

Though McGregor frequently gets what he wants, aside from wanting the rematch and Nurmagomedov’s potential sanctions, there is also the hurdle of top contender Tony Ferguson.

The former interim lightweight champion, who also returned and won at UFC 229, has laid claim to the next shot at the belt.

These are all moving parts that will admittedly have to be taken into consideration.

“That’s what Conor has asked for. We’ll see what’s up with Khabib and what’s next,” White continued.

“I mean, Tony Ferguson looked amazing. Those two have been lined up (at least) three different times and it hasn’t happened, so we’ll see how this thing plays out.”

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