McGregor back in boxing ring as Mayweather fight looms

UFC star Conor McGregor has dropped the biggest hint yet that a potential superfight with Floyd Mayweather will indeed go ahead.

McGregor on Thursday posted footage of himself sparring in the boxing ring on Instagram, as the massive bout gets closer and closer to being finalised.

And if the footage is anything to go by, McGregor is preparing as if it will be.

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The Irishman recently said he won't fight again in the UFC until he faces Mayweather, branding the boxing legend 'scared'.

Mayweather responded by saying the fight was 'likely' to happen.

"Most likely the fight between me and Conor McGregor will happen", he said on Sky Sports 1.

"That's the only fight that will get me back in the ring. He's going to do a job on his side and we are going to do a job on my side and hopefully all the fans in the UK come over and support me.

"I don't know (when it will be), I need to communicate with my team, the fight hasn't been made yet, but it is all about entertainment so hopefully we can make it happen."

Will McGregor v Mayweather ever happen? Image: Getty

McGregor has made it very clear that a fight with Mayweather is his No. 1 priority.

"I believe the next time I step into a combat arena will be through the ropes wearing 10-ounce or eight-ounce gloves. I believe so," he said.

The fight is still considered a pipe dream to most because of the enormous amount of red tape surrounding it.

One of the primary sticking points has been the purse. Mayweather has demanded $100 million while McGregor has done the same. However, Mayweather stated that he would only offer McGregor $15 million, along with the back-end of the pay-per-view buys.

Meanwhile, Dana White fired back and stated that he'd offer both fighters $25 million a piece and discuss PPV options.