'What a complete thug': Fan's disgraceful attack on TV reporter

Another TV reporter has been attacked during a live World Cup broadcast as a ‘complete thug’ forced himself into a journalist’s face and threw beer at the correspondent.

After multiple female reporters were sexually harassed by male fans on camera during the tournament, New Zealand’s Lloyd Burr copped an aggressive drunk at a London pub.

The Kiwi was filming a live cross on The AM Show towards the end of England’s semi-final defeat to Croatia when a man entered the picture and began yelling at Burr.

While the reporter maintained his professionalism, the drunken football fan crossed a line when he threw a beer into Burr’s face.

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Lloyd Burr was assaulted during his live World Cup broadcast. Pic: The AM Show/Three

“It seems there is a very angry England fan coming up to me,” Burr said.

“It has gone from jubilation early, to frustration, to anticipation and now it has turned to anger.

“The English fans are very angry and the ref is just about to call this final whistle.”

Following the assault, the in-studio news reporter Duncan Garner condemned the incident.

‘We’re gonna get out of here,” Garner said from the studio.

“Can someone get around Lloyd as well… and look after him. What a bunch of thugs, what a complete thug that guys is.”

The fan has yet to be identified but Burr has since confirmed he had words with the man afterwards – and he was Australian.

Fans watching the broadcast in New Zealand also vented their frustrations while praising Burr for his measured response on the air.