Gold medal hope cops bizarre penalty at Comm Games: 'Bloody robbed'

Hayden Wilde (pictured right) leading rival Alex Yee and (pictured left) Wilde taking his helmet off after the cycling leg during the Commonwealth Games.
Athlete Hayden Wilde (pictured right) showed true sportsmanship at the Commonwealth Games after high-fiving his rival Alex Yee in the triathlon, despite being handed a dubious 10-second penalty for a technical rule (pictured left). (Images: Twitter)

The Commonwealth Games was rocked after New Zealand's Hayden Wilde was winning the sprint triathlete only to be penalised for a bizarre technicality that divided viewers.

Wilde was winning the triathlon only seconds ahead of rival and friend Alex Yee when drama struck during the transition at the end of the cycling leg.

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The 24-year-old was deemed to have unclipped his helmet before racking his bike.

Rules state the helmet must remain steadfast 'until the bike is securely racked again'.

The New Zealander was handed a 10-second penalty.

However, replays were inconclusive in proving that Wilde had unclipped his helmet before racking his bike.

Replays showed the actions were simultaneous with the New Zealander still playing with the clip after the bike was racked.

Wilde appealed the penalty, but the review can take up to 30 days.

If the appeal is successful Wilde could be promoted to dual gold medal winner.

Wilde was overhead telling his team the penalty was 'bulls**t' after the race.

"I definitely knew what happened - and I don't think that was a penalty at all," Wilde said after the race.

"It was taking off my helmet before racking my bike, and I'm more than happy to see the replay. I think it was a bit of a stitch up, but that's racing."

Hayden Wilde shows sportsmanship to rival

However, in a true sign of his nature, Wilde showed his class following the penalty.

During the final sprint leg, Yee overtook Wilde.

Having learned of his 10-second penalty, Wilde showed his class and patted his friend on the back in a sign of encouragement.

He then waited out his 10 second penalty to cross the line 13 seconds behind his rival.

Wilde could have opted to race Yee over the line, but could have been disqualified.

The dramatic triathlon had it all and viewers took to social media to blast the penalty against Wilde.

However, the classy New Zealander was praised for showing sportsmanship in the face of disappointment.

Yee was all class after the race and said it was hard seeing his friend being penalised for the technicality.

"I saw the number one and realised it was Hayden. You don’t want to see the race determined by something technical," Yee said.

“I think there will be many more battles (with Wilde) on the way.

"I have a lot of time for Hayden, he’s a great competitor. But we are good friends off the course."

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