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College football’s summer of realignment, Stetson Bennett’s eternal enrollment & how valuable is Notre Dame’s brand?

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Forde & Ross Dellenger discuss the possibilities of yet another summer that could include massive conference realignments in college football.

The first domino hasn’t dropped yet this summer in college football, but as we near a new Pac-12 television deal, it could happen soon. The Big 12 is patiently waiting to see if Pac -12 commissioner George Kliavkoff can secure a deal that is strong enough to keep the conference together. There are many lucrative schools that could follow the path of USC and UCLA given a bad deal. The guys debate as to whether or not another realignment is happening soon. Dan feels that the 12-team playoff could cure the woes of the Pac-12 and Big 12, but the conferences are in a feeding frenzy.

The annual ACC meetings are taking place this week. A tense environment will likely take place as top teams like Clemson and Florida State are not happy with their share of the conference’s earnings.

Notre Dame has reached the end of their apparel contract with Under Armor, which leads the podcast to wonder which company will become the next Notre Dame affiliate. Additionally, the topic brings a question of how valuable the Notre Dame brand is compared to other major institutions within the country.

Former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett is back in the news with a new report that after 6 years of college, he did not graduate with a degree. Truly a magnificent feat for the Los Angeles Rams’ rookie QB.

Lastly. in news of the weird, a Dunkin Donuts robber pulled an odd move and the Lake Erie fisherman cheaters face the scales of justice.

1:00 The conference realignment race may be starting up again this summer

28:53 How strong are the ACC brands?

34:08 Projections for the ACC meetings

43:00 What should Notre Dame do for their new brand?

48:23 Reports came out that Stetson Bennett never officially graduated from Georgia with a degree after 6 years

53:13 A Boston man ordered food before robbing a Dunkin

58:33 The Lake Erie cheating fishermen have been sentenced to jail time

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Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman yells onto the field
Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports
Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman yells onto the field Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports