What are the Chicago Bulls’ top three trade targets ahead of the NBA’s 2024 deadline?

What are the Chicago Bulls‘ top three trade targets ahead of the NBA’s 2024 deadline? Bleacher Report NBA analyst Zach Buckley did his best to answer that question in a recent article covering the entire league, and his estimation of what the Bulls should target doesn’t even include a player for all three targets. More specifically, he thinks Chicago ought to pursue Malcolm Brogdon, Kevin Huerter — and draft picks.

“While a deadline divorce between Zach LaVine and (Chicago) feels best for all parties, it still may not come to fruition given his rock-bottom trade value,” writes Buckley.

“That still doesn’t change the fact that a dream deadline for Chicago involves unloading him and getting back some kind of draft considerations.”

And even if they don’t get a replenished war chest out of the bargain, some new faces might help breathe new life into a moribund ball club. “If Chicago wants to compete, then a shot-creator like Brogdon or a net-shredder like Huerter would both be helpful.”

For the record, Buckley thinks avoiding a retool is a mistake, but acknowledges “this front office doesn’t always align with public perception.”

Let’s hope this time, they see the writing on the wall and make some future-facing moves.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire