Can the Chicago Bulls make teams uncomfortable in the play-in or playoffs?

Can the Chicago Bulls make other teams uncomfortable in the NBA’s 2024 play-in tournament, or maybe even the actual playoffs? This was a question posed by The Athletic’s Zach Harper in a recent article that acknowledges the Bulls’ late surge in the standings while fairly questioning its permanence.

“Do we feel confident the Bulls can make it through to the playoffs?,” asks Harper, fairly. “They put a massive scare into (the Miami Heat) last play-in tournament, and we’ve seen them pull off some pretty big clutch moments this season. I don’t think beating out (the Atlanta Hawks) to get a chance for the No. 8 seed is crazy.”

But between injury and the inexperience of several players who would be playing heavy postseason minutes for the first time, it’s fair to question whether Chicago’s recent play will translate in the postseason.

The list of potential opponents for the second play-in tilt, as the Athletic analyst notes, could be the Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, or Indiana Pacers, all ball clubs that could be favored to advance.

“If the Bulls get through, can they utilize their size to make Boston work a little bit harder in that first round and maybe even steal a game?”

Or would this team be better off with a higher draft pick after a noble struggle to advance? Time will tell, one thing we do know for certain.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire