The Chicago Bulls are ready to make moves at the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline

The Chicago Bulls are the darling of the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline, with almost every team in the league that is looking to make a move ahead of the Feb. 8 moratorium on deals connected in rumors to a Bulls player.

With a surplus of talent and surfeit of assets for their current goals to retool the ball club ahead of the deadline, we can expect Chicago to make some moves before the 8th arrives. But does that mean we have seen the last of guys like Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso, and Andre Drummond as Bulls players?

Or could Chicago hang onto some of the talent they currently are rumored to want to trade in the hopes of better offers in the offseason?

The host of the “Locked On Sports Today” Peter Bukowski joined “Locked On Bulls” podcast host Pat The Designer to talk it over. Check it out above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire