Do the Chicago Bulls actually want to trade Alex Caruso?

Do the Chicago Bulls actually want to trade guard Alex Caruso? Or are they trying to build up his trade value by pretending they want to keep him? With the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline just a few more days away on Feb. 8, we will not have long to wait to find out.

But does it make sense for the Bulls to hang onto his services if it is going to take at least a season or two to get out of the mess the front office has put the ball club in over the last few seasons? Caruso is one of the hottest names in the league as a potential trade target, given his relatively low salary and two-way capabilities. With no clear direction ahead of them, maximizing his value might be the best option for a rudderless Chicago roster.

The host of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast Haize recently weighed in on what he thinks ought to happen on a recent episode.

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire