What is ChatGPT code interpreter? The chatbot can now edit videos and make GIFs

New technologies are covered by existing privacy laws (John Walton/PA) (John Walton / PA)
New technologies are covered by existing privacy laws (John Walton/PA) (John Walton / PA)

ChatGPT has already impressed users with its conversational skills, but its latest feature introduces a range of new capabilities for the chatbot.

Simply put, the new “code interpreter” tool allows ChatGPT to perform a bunch of image- and video-editing tasks, and data analysis. But that just scratches the surface of what the bot can now accomplish, with creative users already declaring the update as a game changer and the most powerful version of the chatbot.

For now, code interpreter is only available to those subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, which costs around £15 per month in the UK, and offers access to the more advanced GPT-4 model.

Here’s what you need to know about the new feature.

What is code interpreter?

Released last week by ChatGPT creator OpenAI, code interpreter sounds like it’s meant for coding, but it actually allows the chatbot to complete a variety of new tasks.

ChatGPT can now edit videos using simple prompts, turn images into videos, extract text from an image, convert files, summarise PDFs, analyse data, and generate QR codes.

All of this is made possible, in part, because the bot now allows you to upload and download files, which could not be done before.

How to use code ChatGPT interpreter

As mentioned above, code interpreter is included with a ChatGPT Plus subscription. However, the feature isn’t turned on by default, meaning you have to manually enable it. You can do so by heading to your settings, clicking on beta features, and toggling on code interpreter.

How ChatGPT users are using coding interpreter

ChatGPT became an overnight sensation in part because users began circulating its weird and wonderful responses on social media. Naturally, the same goes for the things it can create with code interpreter.

Here are some of the most interesting examples:

ChatGPT turns a spreadsheet into a GIF of US lighthouse locations

ChatGPT adds slow zooms to a video

ChatGPT pans across an image to make it look like a video

ChatGPT creates a QR code for the OpenAI website

ChatGPT analyses Apple’s stock option

ChatGPT can turn public data into graphs

ChatGPT analyses 300 hours of Spotify playlists to summarise your taste in music