Charithra Chandran praises Bridgerton reunion on new movie

Bridgerton actress Charithra Chandran has spoken about her reunion with director Alex Pillai in her upcoming rom-com How to Date Billy Walsh.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about the film – which is available to watch on Prime Video from April 5 – alongside co-star Sebastian Croft, the actress praised Pillai for his skills as a director, saying: "He is so prepared."

"Alex has so much enthusiasm," she continued. "You cannot ask for more from a director that they believe with their full heart in the project. And Alex was like that.

"We would definitely work with him again."

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Pillai had previously worked as a director for two episodes of Bridgerton's second season, where Chandran had starred as Edwina Sharma.

Praising the director further, Chandran recalled how Pillai would give reassurance to her as an "insecure actor" when it came to reshooting scenes, not allowing cast to re-film scenes he was happy with.

"I would go up to him, as an insecure actor, I would go like: 'oh, I'm not really sure about that'," she said. "And sometimes he would say, 'OK, let's go again', but if he knew you got it he had the confidence to say no."

charithra chandran, sebastian croft, how to date billy walsh
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Croft also referenced a particular scene that he and a co-star had wanted to reshoot after feeling unsure about their performances, explaining that Pillai had assured them they didn't need to do another take.

"He was like, 'No, guys, we got it. There is time on the schedule, I could give you another run, but we got it.' And that was quite nice," the Heartstopper actor said.

charithra chandran, how to date billy walsh
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"I'm not going to spoil it, but there was this incredibly stunt-wise, tricky scene that Sebastian had that we only planned to do once, because it takes up a lot of time to be set," Chandran added.

"And we did it and something was not quite right, and Alex was like: 'no, this is very important, we need to go again'. And that fills you with a lot of confidence as an actor."

How to Date Billy Walsh sees Chandran and Croft star as best friends Amelia and Archie, with the pair's friendship rocked by the arrival of American student Billy Walsh (Tanner Buchanan), whom Amelia is determined to go on a date with. Kunal Nayyar, Nick Frost, Guz Khan, and Lucy Punch also star.

How to Date Billy Walsh is released on Prime Video on April 5.

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