'Can't turn the brothers down': Latrell Mitchell explains virus breach

A 50/50 split image shows a screenshot of Latrell Mitchell from his Instagram (left) and Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr's trip in the right.
Latrell Mitchell has taken to Instagram to apologise for flouting social distancing rules, after he and fellow NRL star Josh Addo-Carr went on a comping trip with 10 others. Pictures: Instagram

Latrell Mitchell has taken to Instagram to apologise for going on a camping trip with fellow NRL star Josh Addo-Carr and 10 others.

Both the NSW Police and the NRL are investigating the group, with the former likely to concentrate on breaches of social distancing laws.

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Mitchell and Addo-Carr found themselves in trouble after the latter posted a series of images from the trip on social media.

With the NRL potentially weeks away from restarting competition, Mitchell took to Instagram to apologise for the group’s actions, defending the trip as a chance for Addo-Carr and others to ‘culturally connect’.

“I just want to apologise on my actions this weekend,” Mitchell said on Instagram.

“I've been up here with my family for the last four to five weeks practicing that social distancing stuff and it was a little bit of a slip-up.”

“But Foxy (Addo-Carr) reached out, had his cousins that are going through a bit of stuff in Sydney, so he just wanted to get away up to the bush and make sure that they're getting culturally connected again.

“That's [what] the whole concept of this weekend was, it wasn't to break any rules or hurt anyone.

“We're not being selfish; I couldn't turn down the brothers in a time of need. On behalf of me and Foxy and all my mob, we do apologise.”

Josh Addo-Carr apologises for Latrell Mitchell meet-up

Mitchell’s apology comes after Addo-Carr gave an interview to News Corp, in which he too apologised for flouting social distancing rules.

“It was a cultural gathering,” he said.

“Learning about our land and our culture, learning how to hunt, live off the land.”

The NRL has also confirmed they would investigate the matter and support any government sanctions handed down, given it appears a massive blow to restart their season.

“On face value, the image in today's media is both disappointing and an unacceptable breach of health orders,” the NRL said in a statement.

“The NRL will be speaking to the players involved to seek further information and we will ensure the players provide any assistance authorities require.

“Our players are role models and we expect them to lead by example during this pandemic.”