'You can't see': Disturbing video shows UFC fighter's desperate attempt to cut weight

Alarming footage has been released of MMA star Darren Till’s dangerous and failed weight cut ahead of a recent UFC fight.

The 25-year-old Englishman can be seen running on a treadmill, boxing and taking sessions in the sauna in the vision, all while wearing a sweat suit, designed to maximise water loss.

The video claims that on Friday, Till had 5 kilograms to lose ahead of his Saturday afternoon weigh-in.

Darren Till’s disturbing weight cut. Vid: Paddy Power

In a cruel twist for the MMA star, the dangerous weight cut ended up being all in vein as he weighed in 1.6kgs over the 77kg limit for his welterweight fight.

Till was forced to give up 30% of his purse after winning his home-town fight at UFC Liverpool against American Stephen Thompson.

And Till might just be happy to be alive, given the torture he endured in his weight cut.

In one shocking moment towards the end of his weight cut, Till can be seen pleading with his coach to continue running, despite collapsing on the treadmill only moments earlier.

“I want to run,” Till said, while lying exhausted on a mattress.

“I don’t think you can run after that, you can’t see can ya,” his coach replies.

A scary revelation from his coach, but apparently things only went downhill from there as the weigh-in approached, with cameras forced to cut recording as Till strived to cut the final kilogram of weight.

“Out of respect for Darren, no more filming was done that morning,” text on the video read.

Weight cutting is not a new issue in the UFC, with many experts fearing it will take the death of a fighter to prompt serious action from the company.

Already, many on Twitter were calling for the UFC to react to the video by changing their policies around weight divisions and cutting.