Camila Cabello looks like an extraterrestrial alien with piercing blue eyes

While a celebrity hair colour change always comes as a shocking – yet plausible – surprise, one aspect of a beauty transformation that never fails to catch us off guard (albeit excluding on and around Halloween szn) is an eye colour switch-a-roo. And today, it's Camila Cabello's striking new look that had us questioning our 'Camilizers' trivia... read: she obvs has brown eyes... right, guys?

Wrong! For today, the singer has undergone an extraterrestrial makeover with 'Miami blue' coloured peepers for the most recent cover of King Kong Magazine. Both Cam and the publication shared images on Instagram debuting her alien-like look.

camila cabello blue eyes

Oh, and not only was it the colour of her eyes that had us doing a double take, but the bold and somewhat unconventional blue tear streaks, too! Not to mention the matching coloured lips. All-round, t'was a 10/10 beauty transformation, IMO.

"That luscious Miami blue, part sky, part aqua, trickles like tears and lingers on her lips. Her music flows from the mix of her inspirations all shaken and stirred in a musical cocktail shaker! Eyes wide open and we luv 2 see it. #ILUVIT. Get it? got it, good," the cover reveal caption reads.

camila cabello blue eyes

Now, as much as we'd love to believe that Camila's new look is a product of having been abducted by a new life species on Mars, there's no doubt that she's wearing coloured contact lenses. Womp, womp.

Alas, come the end of October '24, you best believe that I will be rocking this exact makeover. "What are you for Halloween?" "Why, I'm alien Camila Cabello, ofc!"

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