Cameron Myers makes history with sub-four minute mile

Second-youngest person ever to go under four minutes in the mile. Source: Channel 7

Video transcript

- Respond he does with 200 to go. He leads by 3 or 4 meters. So the Australian all comers record 350.61. They're not going to do that. You would not think. But it's got to be quick. So Hall leads 5, 6 meters at the moment from Tanner, a gap to Kasaye. Myers is still hanging on here, the youngster.

The time is going to be oh so important. It's ticking over now. So the Commonwealth champion is going to make a mark here at Lakeside and runs about 352. It's quick. Tanner-- look at Myers, unbelievable. Have a look at this. He'll be the second youngest ever to break 4 minutes.