Cam Mooney caught in 'extraordinary' scenes as Daisy Pearce controversy re-ignited in AFL

The former Geelong player and Fox Footy commentator is now working for the GWS Giants.

Details have emerged of how former AFL player Cam Mooney narrowly avoided an 'extraordinary' conflict of interest during Geelong's clash with GWS Giants on Saturday night. Mooney, who this year accepted a role as an advisor at the Giants, was working for Fox Footy during the game on the boundary.

Mooney, who played 210 games for Geelong, has worked for Fox Footy for the last decade. But that role has never caused any potential conflicts until this season.

Because Mooney is now working for GWS as well, it created an awkward scenario that was narrowly avoided on Saturday might. Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson revealed on Footy Classified on Monday night that Mooney was supposed to interview Geelong coach Chris Scott in the Cats rooms at half-time, which would have created a big conflict of interest due to his role at the Giants.

Cam Mooney and Daisy Pearce.
Cam Mooney (L) was spotted in the GWS rooms while working for Fox Footy during the Giants and Geelong clash. Image: Getty/Fox Footy

But a 'production error' meant the interview never occurred because Mooney thought he was meant to be interviewing Scott on the field rather than in the rooms. Had Mooney been granted access to the Geelong rooms it would have created a similar situation to what occurred with Daisy Pearce last year.

Cam Mooney, pictured here during the Geelong and GWS game.
Cam Mooney interviewed GWS Giants coach Adam Kingsley before going into the Giants rooms. Image: Fox Footy

"Geelong had agreed to the interview and Cam Mooney coming into their rooms," Wilson revealed. "Geelong weren't thrilled about it but they were happy to go along with it."

Mooney was spotted in the GWS rooms at half-time talking to the players. Footy Classified host Craig Hutchison said he "never seen" a media member also working as a coach during a game, even if it was just giving tips to some of the players.

Cam Mooney at a GWS Giants training session.
Cam Mooney during a GWS Giants training session in February.

"Geelong were a but surprised that Cam Mooney - as a coach at GWS - was going to be in the Geelong rooms interviewing Chris Scott," Wilson added. "I don't think they had thought a lot about it but with hindsight they were a but surprised. And it was only a production stuff-up that meant he wasn't there."

Fellow panellist Matthew Lloyd said media members shouldn't be accepting roles working with AFL clubs, and Fox Footy shouldn't have put him on the GWS game. "It seems like such an easy one to avoid," Wilson added.

As Wilson mentioned, Geelong were extremely supportive of Richmond's decision to bar Pearce from their rooms last year. The former AFLW player was working for Channel 7 and the Geelong men's team in 2023, which resulted in Richmond barring her from their rooms during a game.


As Kane Cornes highlighted at the time, Pearce probably needed to make a decision about whether she wanted to be a coach or media member - not both. “I think she has the capabilities to be a senior coach somewhere down the road. That’s not going to happen if she continues down this (commentary) road,” Cornes said.

“It’s topical because clubs have banned her – and I think it’s the right call from clubs to do that. But if she wants to do it, I think she’s got to make a choice one way or another. Eventually, I think that will come. It feels like her passion is coaching, but I think it’s unsustainable to think she'll be able to do both effectively. If she wants to be great at one, she’s going to have to choose.”

Pearce is now the head coach of the West Coast women's team and has had to give up her role on Channel 7 as Cornes predicted. Time will tell if Mooney is forced to make a similar decision.