Caitlin Clark Endures Another Awkward Moment with Reporter Asking About Her Boyfriend Before WNBA Debut

The Indiana Fever star was asked if her "bae" would be in attendance before making her preseason debut in Dallas

<p>Melanie Fidler/NBAE via Getty</p> Caitlin Clark on April 14, 2024 in New York City

Melanie Fidler/NBAE via Getty

Caitlin Clark on April 14, 2024 in New York City
  • Caitlin Clark looked surprised when she was asked about her boyfriend, Connor McCaffery, just before making her preseason debut with the Indiana Fever

  • McCaffery is a team assistant to the NBA's Indiana Pacers and has been dating Clark for one year

  • The question comes just weeks after a reporter apologized to Clark for an uncomfortable exchange during her introductory press conference

Caitlin Clark handled questions about her boyfriend like a pro just before making her WNBA preseason debut on May 3.

Clark, 22, who scored 21 points in the preseason matchup against the Dallas Wings, was asked if "bae" was going to be in attendance for her WNBA debut in Dallas, as seen in a video shared by MARCA.

The basketball star is dating former Hawkeye Connor McCaffery, a team assistant for the NBA's Indiana Pacers. With Clark playing for the Fever in Indiana, she and McCaffery have been able to support one another as the Pacers advance to the second round in the playoffs and the Fever kick off their season.

After the reporter asked her if McCaffery had traveled to Dallas for her debut, Clark looked surprised and said, "Uh, no, he's working."

After a beat, she followed up by saying, "I'm flying solo. I better get used to it, man. I'm a pro, this is my job."

Clark and McCaffery recently celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship and shared sweet tributes for each other on Instagram. "You make everyday better and I can’t wait for many more adventures together… love you," Clark wrote.

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McCaffery wrote in his post, "Doing life w u has been easy, and you never cease to amaze me.. can’t wait to watch u live out ur dreams in person 🤞🏼 love you."

The question about Clark's boyfriend comes just after a reporter apologized to her following backlash from a remark he made during her introductory press conference for the Fever on April 17.

<p>Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty</p> Caitlin Clark on April 17, 2024 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty

Caitlin Clark on April 17, 2024 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Columnist Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star used his time during the media availability to form his hands into a heart towards her, a gesture Clark became known for doing with her family after every Iowa Hawkeyes game.

Clark said, "You like that?" after Doyel's gesture, to which he replied: "I like that you're here." Clark added, "Yeah, I do that at my family after every game." Doyel responded, "Start doing it to me and we'll get along just fine."

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The exchange was met with laughter in the conference room by other reporters, but Clark appeared to be confused and uncomfortable during the exchange with Doyel, and the majority of public reaction on social media found Doyel's comment inappropriate.

"Almost every one of my women colleagues & students in sport media and sports journalism are sharing that clip of Gregg Doyel and Caitlin Clark with disgust," one user wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). "We are rightly furious and fed up. His creds should be revoked and offered to an unentitled journalist who respects women."

<p>Matt Kryger/NBAE via Getty Images</p> Caitlin Clark in Indianapolis, Ind., on April 17, 2024

Matt Kryger/NBAE via Getty Images

Caitlin Clark in Indianapolis, Ind., on April 17, 2024

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After dozens of Clark's fans called for Doyel's media credentials from the Fever to be revoked, the columnist issued an apology to Clark.

"Today in my uniquely oafish way, while welcoming @CaitlinClark22 to Indy, I formed my hands into her signature," Doyel began. "My comment afterward was clumsy and awkward. I sincerely apologize. Please know my heart (literally and figuratively) was well-intentioned. I will do better."

Later that day, Doyel published a column in which he apologized to Clark.

"Caitlin Clark, I'm so sorry. Today I was part of the problem," he wrote in a post with the column's link. "What I’ve learned is that I need to be more aware about how I talk to people — not just athletes," Doyel wrote in his column. "You can say that’s absurd, that I should’ve known better, and I do. But here we are. I was just doing what I do, talking to another athlete, another person, and didn’t see the line — didn’t even know there was a line in the vicinity — until I crossed it."

He added, "In my haste to be clever, to be familiar and welcoming (or so I thought), I offended Caitlin and her family."

Clark and the Fever fell short to the Dallas Wings in her preseason debut. Next, they'll host the Atlanta Dream for another preseason matchup on Friday, May 10.

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