Bulls ripped to shreds for lack of moves at trade deadline

Heading into the February 8 trade deadline this year, the Chicago Bulls had a ton of eyes on them. But in the end, they did nothing. A rough start to the season had many thinking they could blow up the roster at the deadline, but they bounced back, pushing up the standings into the Play-In race.

Despite that, it still seemed like the smart choice for the Bulls to sell assets and reset the roster around Coby White, Patrick Williams, and others. Nope. They decided to stand pat, not making a single move at the trade deadline. Needless to say, fans aren’t pleased.

Famous YouTuber and noted Bulls fan KOT4Q put out a video on his channel “Kenny For Real” titled “I’m done…” in which he ripped the Bulls to shreds for their lack of activity over the past few years.

Chicago held on to all their assets, and since making the moves for DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso, has made just one trade – a deal to move up in the 2023 NBA Draft and add Julian Phillips.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire