Buddy Franklin and wife Jesinta set for major move after AFL great's farewell at the MCG

The Franklin news comes after fans finally got the chance to give the footy star a proper send-off.

Buddy Franklin and his family look set to embark on a major move, with the AFL legend's wife Jesinta revealing plans for them to sell their family home on the Gold Coast and buy a farm. The revelation comes just a couple of weeks after fans were finally given the chance to give the notoriously private Buddy a proper send-off at the MCG.

Franklin returned to his old stomping ground for Hawthorn's clash with the Swans, giving Hawks fans the chance to farewell the AFL champion in Victoria. Franklin retired from the AFL last year and was given an emotional send-off at the SCG during a Sydney Swans game late in the season.

Seen here, AFL legend Buddy Franklin with his wife Jesinta and his two kids.
AFL legend Buddy Franklin's wife Jesinta has revealed some big plans for the family. Pic: Getty

But fans in Victoria never got a chance to show their appreciation. Franklin played 172 games for the Swans, but he also made 182 appearances for Hawthorn and is considered a legend at both clubs. Buddy also decided to skip his retirement press conference at the Swans, before relocating with his family to the Gold Coast.

The Suns tried to convince the 37-year-old to join the footy club in an off-field role but Buddy turned them down and seems content enjoying the family life with his wife and two kids. In fact, Jesinta revealed on Channel 7’s The Morning Show this week that the family were considering moving from the Gold Coast and moving to the country to live on a farm.

“We love it. We absolutely love it," Jesinta said about enjoying more family time with her husband now he's retired from the AFL. "We’re actually thinking of selling up and buying a farm now, so yeah, we’ll see how we go. But that could be the next thing we’re talking about the next time I’m here...

“We just love the idea of being on land, growing our own food, having horses, a couple of Highland cows, we’d love that. It could be something interesting.” While such a move would seemingly close the door further on a return to the AFL for Franklin in a non-playing capacity, Jesinta revealed that her husband's passion for the sport and his two beloved clubs is very much still burning.

“We’re getting so much quality time together and we always make sure that we watch the Swannies and the Hawks games,” Jesinta added. “There’s those two games we carve out the time out for and watch them. So we still feel like we’re a little bit a part of it but it’s nice not to be stressed out by it or have the pressure of winning or losing.”

Seen here, Buddy Franklin with his wife Jesinta and their two kids during his AFL farewell at the SCG in 2023.
Buddy Franklin is seen here with his wife Jesinta and their two kids during his AFL farewell at the SCG in 2023. Pic: Getty

Jesinta said the roles had very much reversed between her and Buddy since he retired from the AFL, with the former Miss Universe Australia winner putting her own career on the back-burner during her husband's glittering 19-year stint in the AFL. The legendary goalkicker's wife says he's been so supportive of Jesinta pursuing her own professional goals and she's grateful to have the extra help around the house.


“Look, we’re still working on picking up our dirty laundry and learning to put them in the basket,” Jesinta said. “But no, other than that it’s so nice to have him around. It’s so nice to have that extra support at home as well.

“For so long I was the support system to him because footy always came first and there was just not a lot of room in his schedule to move. Now it’s really nice to have that reciprocated so I can do a little bit more with my career and he can be at home with the kids.”

Buddy finished his career in 2023 as as the fourth-greatest goalkicker (1066 goals) in VFL/AFL history after joining Tony Lockett, Gordon Coventry and Jason Dunstall as the only players to break the magical 1000 barrier. He was also a two-time premiership player, eight-time All-Australian and four-time Coleman medallist and is regarded as one of the sport's all-time greats.