Honey Badger does his best Bob Hawke

Nick Cummins is a man of the people and that was on display again at the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens.

Moving through an adoring crowd who flocked to him like the second coming of some jargon-slinging messiah ‘Honey Badger’ stopped for a mountain of selfies with fans.

The rugby on the pitch played second fiddle for the time he parted the crowd.

But the biggest cheer for the former Wallabies star was when he summoned his best Bob Hawke impersonation.

Cummins adored by his followers. Pic: Getty

A mug of beer was thrust in his face on the walk. He was on the big screen.

There was nothing else left to do but do what the great man, the former prime minister himself would have done. He necked it.

And the crowd went wild.