Brad Fittler launches bizarre rant over 'ridiculous' detail in Broncos NRL jerseys

The NRL great was gobsmacked by what he saw in Brisbane's clash with the Cowboys.

Brad Fittler has expressed his disbelief that the Brisbane Broncos wore a collared jersey last weekend. The Broncos were decked out in a retro jersey against the Cowboys last Friday night - a throwback to the iconic diamond-patterned strip the club wore 30 years ago.

Plenty of NRL fans fell in love with the nostalgic jerseys, but one detail left Fittler perturbed. The NRL great launched a bizarre rant on the 'Freddy and the Eighth' podcast on Wednesday bemoaning the fact the jerseys had a collar.

Brad Fittler, pictured here alongside Brisbane Broncos players.
Brad Fittler isn't a fan of the collars on the Brisbane Broncos' retro jerseys. Image: Getty

NRL strips haven't had collars for a number of years, and the modern jerseys are designed to be as stream-lined as possible to prevent them being grabbed. "I can't believe, in today's age of professionalism, that they put colours on jerseys. It's the commercial department overtaking the footy department.

"It can't work. Why would you have extra material to be grabbed by? How ridiculous. [For Origin] they brought in skin-tight jerseys, made them go down three sizes and then cut them even smaller."

Billy Walters proud to wear Brisbane Broncos retro jersey

While Fittler does have somewhat of a point, it seems a pretty trivial thing to take exception to. Particularly in light of the fact the Broncos won 38-12 and the collars hardly seemed an impediment.


Discussing the retro diamond jersey earlier this year, Broncos hooker Billy Walters said it would be special to wear the same strip his father did in the 90s. Kevin Walters is a Brisbane great and now coaches the team.

“I like it, the diamond jersey is a pretty standout jersey from the 90s, so it’s pretty cool that we get to play in one this year, I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a great design," Billy Walters said. “It’s always special pulling on a Broncos jersey, even more special when you’re pulling on a heritage jersey.”

The Broncos, pictured here in the retro jerseys against the Cowboys.
The Broncos rocked the retro jerseys against the Cowboys. (Getty Images)

The diamond jersey was actually introduced as the Broncos' 'night strip' in 1994, which they wore in games under lights. Some of the greatest players to play NRL have worn it, including Darren Lockyer, Allan Langer and Steve Renouf.

“It’s pretty special when you think back to the 90s at the Broncos," Walters said. "They were so successful so hopefully a bit of that rubs off on the jersey and brings us some success. I was too young to remember it back then, but there’s always videos of them in it, whether it’s Alf (Langer), Kevvie (Walters, or the Pearl (Renouf)."