Explosive footage reveals nasty truth of Tyson Fury's epic victory

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Seen here, Tyson Fury reacts after beating Deontay Wilder in their trilogy bout.
Tyson Fury was not impressed after Deontay Wilder refused to shake his hand in the aftermath to their trilogy bout. Pic: Twitter/Getty

Dramatic footage has emerged of the ugly aftermath to Tyson Fury's trilogy victory over Deontay Wilder, in a heavyweight title showdown regarded by many as one of the greatest in history.

Fury maintained his unbeaten record after recovering from two knockdowns against the hard-hitting Wilder before knocking out the American in the 11th round to retain his WBC crown.

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"I know I'm the greatest heavyweight of my era, without doubt. Number one," Fury said following an epic battle at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

"I've fought the most devastating puncher in the history of our sport, not once, not twice, but three times."

The bout was an instant classic, living up the monumental hype that the bad blood between the fighters before the contest only amplified.

However, there were explosive scenes in the immediate aftermath of the fight, when a victorious Fury went over to Wilder's corner to pay his respect to a man he has shared the ring with for a total of 30 rounds, across three fights.

Fury revealed afterwards that when he went over to Wilder's corner to shake his hand, the American flat out refused his gesture, sparking a heated argument between the two camps. 

When asked about the exchange a short time later, Fury's response was blunt.

"I'm not going to make any excuses, Wilder is a top fighter," he said.

"He gave me a real run for my money tonight, and I always said I'm the best in the world and he's the second best.

"He's got no love for me, Deontay Wilder, because you know why, because I beat him three times.

"I'm a sportsman. I went over to him to show some love and respect and he didn't want to give it back. That's his problem."

The Brit referenced allegations levelled at him by Wilder after the previous fight, with the American insisting Fury had used illegal gloves.

Fury later added: "All the allegations that were made towards me ... We fought like two warriors in there and I went over to shake his hand and say ‘well done’ and he was like ‘no, I don’t respect you’.'"

“I was like ‘how can you say I cheated when you know in your heart, and your full team knows, that you just got beaten fair and square’."

Backstage, Fury went on to say Wilder showed his side, which he described as "the true heart of a cowardly man".

After the fight, Fury was initially reluctant to rank his chances against past greats, although his towering 6ft 9in (2.06m) and 277lbs (125kg) would have given him a distinct height and weight advantage over the likes of heavyweight legends Muhammad Ali or Joe Frazier.

"I don't like competing with fighters from the past because it's fantasy, not reality," he said. 

"I can only beat the best of my day. And I've done that. I'm the best fighter in my era.

Tyson Fury ranks himself best heavyweight ever


However, he later could not resist comparing himself favourably to the greatest heavyweights to have graced the division.

"There's been so many of them, so many great champions," he said.

"Without sounding too clever, I place myself at the top of the pile. I believe I can beat any man in history, any man."

Sunday's epic showdown left many at ringside struggling to think of a better heavyweight contest in boxing history.

"Listen, I've been in this business 57 years promoting fights and I truly have to say I have never seen a heavyweight fight as magnificent as this," said Fury's US promoter Bob Arum, who promoted 27 of Muhammad Ali's fights including the 1975 classic "Thrilla in Manila" against Joe Frazier.

Frank Warren, Fury's veteran English promoter, said Saturday's bout was "boxing history."

Seen here, Tyson Fury shapes up to hit Deontay Wilder in the seventh round of their WBC heavyweight trilogy fight.
Tyson Fury's trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder has gone down as one of the greatest heavyweight contests in history. Pic: Getty

"It's the best live heavyweight fight I've seen," Warren said. "It was just amazing. Two warriors and just so absorbing. Tyson is the standout heavyweight of his generation.

"I have seen him box better. But the heart and the bravery he showed tonight were just amazing. Boxing should be proud of what he did tonight."

Fury, who now plans to take a break from the sport before contemplating a potential unification fight with WBA, IBF and WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk, or British rival Anthony Joshua, insisted he had never felt in danger against Wilder.

"He caught me twice. But I was never like thinking 'Uh oh, this is over.' I thought 'Okay, good shot — but I will get you back in a minute, and I did'," he said.

"He shook me and he put me down, but that's boxing. And that's life as well — no matter how many times you get put down, it's all about getting back up."

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