Boxing bout called off after hilarious pre-fight mishap

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Boxing officials in South Africa have been left red-faced after heavyweight champion Ruann Visser was sent tumbling from the ring when the ropes snapped.

Visser, a 207cm, 103kg behemoth, was testing the ropes in the minutes before his match against Tian Fick when they gave way, sending him to the floor.

The bout was called off by the fight doctor, who ruled Visser was not fit to fight after the nasty fall.

Spectators could be heard crying out in shock as the 29-year-old hit the deck.

South African heavyweight champion Ruann Visser tumbles backwards from the ring, after the ropes snapped as he leaned on them before a fight. Picture: Twitter

Boasting an 18-2 record, with 17 of those via knockout, Visser will have to return to full fitness before a rematch can be held.

Boxing fans were less than impressed with the fall, many hoping Visser would be able to make a speedy recovery.

Three words to Mike Tyson that Jeff Fenech will always regret

Mike Tyson’s face tattoo has become one of the most iconic pieces of body art in the world, but it’s probably fair to say Australian boxing great Jeff Fenech isn’t a fan.

Fenech, who recently endured a health scare while working on Thailand, opened up about his stint as Tyson’s trainer when the American superstar was looking to make a comeback in 2003.

Looking to secure a rematch with long-time rival Lennox Lewis, Tyson had Fenech in his corner for a Las Vegas bout against Clifford Ettienne.

All was going well with the preparation until one day, Tyson didn’t show up to the gym.

Fenech told the Spinning a Yarn podcast ‘Iron Mike’ was a no-show that day because he’d decided to get his famous facial tattoo - a development that lead the Aussie trainer to walk away from the fight.

“I was waiting for him at the gym and he doesn’t turn up,” Fenech said.

“So I went back to the house and all of a sudden it’s five or six o’clock in the afternoon and he walks in.

“I look at him and he has a massive tattoo on his face.

“I looked at him and said ‘Mike you can’t fight.’”