'Show me the cash': Paul Gallen's huge $1 million demand

Andrew Reid
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Paul Gallen is seen here celebrating his win over Lucas Browne.
Paul Gallen says he's open to the fight against exciting heavyweight youngster Justis Huni if the money is right. Pic: Getty

Paul Gallen has called on one of the country's leading boxing promoters to make a blockbuster all-Australian bout with Justis Huni come to fruition.

Rugby league legend Gallen's stocks as a fully fledged boxer rose even further after a stunning first round stoppage of former WBA heavyweight world champion Lucas Browne in Wollongong on Wednesday night.

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Pocketing some $450,000 for his troubles, Gallen's latest triumph sent shockwaves through boxing and set up a potentially mouthwatering fight with Olympic hopeful Huni.

The undefeated Queensland amateur has already welcomed a "State of Origin-like" battle with the former NSW series-winning captain.

Huni - who is set to represent Australia in boxing at the Tokyo Games later in the year - is also part of boxing promoter Dean Lonergan's team.

Responding to talk about a potential showdown against the exciting 22-year-old after defeating Browne, Gallen issued a lay down the gauntlet to Lonergan.

"If the money's right, I'll fight him," Gallen told Main Event. "I'm not against anything, I've said that from day one. If the money's there, I'll fight him.

"He's going to represent Australia later in the year and if we fight before that, I'm happy to do it, I'm not against it. But Dean [Lonergan, Huni's promoter] – show me the cash, baby. Give me the money."

It's understood Gallen could earn as much as $1 million for the bout against Huni, with Lonergan insisting the NRL great would not win a single round against the young fighter.

"I'm not going to get into a war of words with Lonergan or Huni," Gallen said after disposing of Browne.

"I don't know Justis, so I'm not going to say I've got respect for him but he's a young guy on the rise who could be a champion. 

"He's going to go to the Olympics, I'm going to support him when he fights for Australia at the Olympics. So I've got no need to come out and bag him or bite back at comments like that."

Pictured here, undefeated amateur Justis Huni.
A potential blockbuster bout against undefeated amateur Justis Huni looms for Paul Gallen. Pic: Getty

Such a showdown would ensure another monster pay day for Gallen - and at the end of the day that's all he's worried about.

Cronulla's only premiership-winning skipper once again insisted that his boxing career is about earning the money to provide for his family, not his legacy in the ring.

"While I know I'm a good athlete and I can adapt to anything, I just don't have that ambition," said Gallen, still unbeaten after a dozen fights.

"It's about providing for my family and having interesting fights for the public, and that's what I'm here to do."

Browne unsure if Gallen can match Huni

Little wonder the reply when Gallen was asked, who's next?

"Whoever pays the most. Simple," he said.

The 39-year-old was nevertheless thrilled with his spectacular win over Australia's most accomplished, albeit underdone, heavyweight exponent.

Browne was accused of not taking his training and preparation for the Gallen fight seriously enough and footage of him eating what many thought was a sausage roll before the bout fuelled those suggestions.

But, tellingly, when asked if he respected his footballer opponent enough, Browne said: "I do now".

The 42-year-old conceded he didn't know what hit him after Gallen sent him crashing to the canvas twice inside two minutes with a series of devastating blows to the head.

"I don't know where exactly I got hit the first sort of shot, but basically I can't hear out in my left ear," Browne said.

"It just took the equilibrium off me and I couldn't recover."

Despite his brutal beat-down, Browne was unsure if Gallen had the capacity to go the distance with Huni.

"I don't know. Justis is definitely a crafty young fella," he said.

"Apparently he doesn't have much power in terms of like heavyweight power, but he'll just hit you all day."

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