Jake Paul's savage act after 'bullsh*t' win over Tyron Woodley

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Pictured here, Jake Paul taunts Tyron Woodley about a pre-fight bet after winning via split decision.
Jake Paul has agreed on a rematch only if Tyron Woodley agrees to keep his tattoo promise. Pic: Showtime

YouTube star Jake Paul has agreed to a rematch with Tyron Woodley on one hilarious condition, after scoring a split decision victory over the UFC great on Monday (AEST).

The 24-year-old defeated former UFC welterweight champion Woodley via split decision to improve to 4-0 in his professional career. 

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He now holds wins over two MMA fighters, a former NBA player and a fellow YouTube star.

It was the first bout of Paul's that has gone the distance, with his other victories coming via knockouts.

The fight was uneventful over the first three rounds, with Woodley passive and seemingly uncomfortable in his foray into a different sport. Paul clearly won those rounds, but Woodley appeared to wake up in the fourth and landed a big shot to Paul's face.

Things could have easily tipped in Woodley's favour from there, as Paul appeared exhausted. The fight had already gone longer than Paul's other three bouts combined by the fifth round, Woodley just didn't do enough to make up for Paul's early lead in points.

Woodley wasn't convinced by his defeat after the fight, however, and demanded a rematch with Paul after insisting that he landed the more significant punches.

When Paul and his older brother Logan - who was standing next to him in the ring after the fight - suggested they weren't interested in a rematch, the UFC veteran fired up.

"You're the one that got wobbled," Woodley told Paul. 

"If these ropes weren't so big you would have fallen through them.

"If this was the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, then the rematch will be the biggest."

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Paul said he would fight Woodley again if his vanquished opponent got an "I love Jake Paul" tattoo on his leg, with both fighters appearing to sign off on the deal by shaking hands in the ring.

The pair agreed to the tattoo bet during a pre-fight press conference, with Paul even pointing out that world famous tattoo artist Tatu Baby was among the crowd members and ready to make it happen there and then.

Both fighters had issues with the scoring after the decision was announced. Paul said it was "bullsh*t" that one judge, Phil Rogers, had called the fight for Woodley.

On the other hand, Woodley was incensed that a different judge had only given him two rounds.

In the end, the three judges only agreed on the first two rounds according to the scorecards. Rogers gave Woodley a 10-9 win in the final five rounds of the bout, while Dana DePaolo gave the final four rounds to Paul.

Jake Paul called out by Tommy Fury

If Paul or Woodley renege on their apparent deal, Paul will obviously have a number of takers given the payday his fights now promise. Paul even got a callout from his own undercard, as Tommy Fury said he wanted a match with Paul after his win by unanimous decision against Anthony Taylor.

When asked what his next step was before the Woodley exchange, Paul demurred and said he'd focused too much on Sunday's fight to think about the future.

Pictured here, Tommy Fury raises his gloves in celebration in the boxing ring.
Tommy Fury said he wanted to fight Jake Paul after winning his bout on the undercard to the main event. Pic: Getty

The bigger question may simply be when Paul faces an actual boxer. Granted, Woodley has been a professional fighter for more than a decade, but he is also 39 years old and entered Sunday on a four-fight losing streak in the Octagon. Even at his best, Woodley was always more of a grappler than a striker as a mixed martial artist and an All-American wrestler before that.

The same dynamic was at work when Paul defeated Woodley's college teammate Ben Askren, also a grappling-focused MMA fighter, in his previous match. Woodley was easily Paul's biggest challenge to date, as Askren barely threw a punch in his first-round TKO loss and former NBA player Nate Robinson looked like he had never boxed in his life when he lost to Paul via farcical knockout.

When discussing future opponents, Paul has mostly limited himself to MMA fighters. He has been pushing for a Conor McGregor match for some time now, but McGregor has his own issues to deal with. He also called for a fight against Jorge Masvidal in the run-up to the Woodley fight.

Whatever comes next, it's becoming ever more clear that people will be watching.

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