Painful vision of final rounds for McGregors

New vision released by official broadcaster Showtime depicts just how excruciating the final few moments of the mega-fight were for Conor McGregor's family.

While the UFC champion repeatedly argued the fight was called too early by veteran referee Robert Byrd, the vision shows the stoppage couldn't have come soon enough for his family.

Both McGregor's sister Erin, and girlfriend Dee Devlin can be seen in the footage, while the young couple's baby, Conor Jack McGregor is nearby.

While the pair show incredible support for McGregor, their emotions quickly turn as it becomes clear Floyd Mayweather has gained the ascendancy.

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Devlin can hardly watch. Pic: Showtime/Getty

As Mayweather's corner calls for blood, on the opposite side the McGregors attempt to shield their faces from the cameras as blow after blow lands from the now 50-0 fighter.

"Oh my god, I can't watch this," Devlin said at one stage.

As the fight is called over by referee Byrd, Devlin seems relieved, asking "it's over?"

And it wasn't only the Irishman's family that took the loss to heart, as previously unseen footage later showed Conor 's devastated reaction to losing.

He put on a brave face following his TKO in the 10th round, partying like he'd won and celebrating well into the night.

However this vision from immediately after the fight paints a very different story.

In the aftermath of the famous bout, McGregor appeared heartbroken as he was consoled by his family and UFC boss Dana White in the dressing rooms.

The former UFC dual champion's mother Margaret made headlines of her own after her son's mega-fight loss, thanks to a cheeky quip regarding Conor's roughly $100m pay-day.

Margaret initially expressed her incredible pride in her son, when asked how she felt by Irish TV network RTE.

"I'm just so proud of him I really am," she said.

But then the proud mother showed some of her Irish humour, revealing she's got one eye on his huge fight purse.

"Can't wait to spend some of his money," she said.

Her joke went down a treat, leaving the UFC champion to dampen his mother's spirits somewhat.

"Relax now Ma!" He responded.

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