Embarrassing fight revelations Conor won't want to hear

Members of Floyd Mayweather's entourage have delivered a scathing put down of Conor McGregor, after his 10th round defeat to the 50-0 boxer.

While many praised the efforts of the Irishman to come into the boxing ring and go toe-to-toe with one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen, these reports could greatly diminish his achievements.

In comments that will need to be taken with a heavy pinch of salt, Mayweather Snr. revealed his son came into the fight completely underdone.

"Floyd would have stopped [McGregor] a lot earlier if he worked even a little bit," Mayweather Sr. said to Philly Voice.

"Floyd did not train for that fight – he literally whupped that boy, that’s what he did.

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Mayweather's record is now 50-0. Pic: Getty

"Just imagine if my son would have prepared and would have trained the way he [normally] would for a fight, he would have stopped [McGregor] even sooner.

"What the world saw was only about 50 per cent of what my son is capable of doing.

"Yes, you can say it – it was like he literally came off the street to beat that man. That’s how good my son is. That’s basically it.

"I used to run with my son, but we haven’t ran together in a long time. As far as I’m concerned, he didn’t run for this fight.

McGregor mocks Mayweather in the ring. Pic: Getty

"Floyd didn’t put all of what Floyd could do in the McGregor fight.

"If the real Floyd Mayweather Jr. would have showed up for the McGregor fight, McGregor wouldn’t have gotten out of the second round."

An anonymous member of Floyd's team backed up his old man's analysis, saying he had bigger priorities than preparing for the bout.

"Floyd hit the speed bag or did a light run, but he spent more time promoting the fight and at his businesses than preparing for McGregor.

Mayweather pounced once McGregor began to tire. Pic: Getty

"There’s no way around it, Floyd is a genetic freak. He’s been fighting so long that things just come naturally to him.

"All this social media stuff about McGregor going 10 rounds with the best in the world is bulls**t.

"It’s actually the other way around: A 50 per cent version of Floyd Mayweather came off the street and pounded one of the world’s best MMA fighters and hardly trained to do it.

"It says how much better Floyd is than McGregor."

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Immediately after the fight, Money gave some insight into one of the reason he took it easy in training camp, and it was nothing to do with arrogance.

"We had a cool training camp. I didn’t box for the last month, I didn’t do no sparring. There’s no excuses, he came out here and fought a hell of a fight," Mayweather said.

"It was an injury, of course. Not an injury like that, but I wanted my hands to be 100 per cent for the fight.

"You know, I didn’t want ... my hands are real brittle. Everybody knows that. I wanted my hands to be real solid when I came out here.

"So when I’m shooting hard shots, I’m able to break the guy down. Whereas if I were to box with a serious hand injury I wouldn’t be able to punch as hard."