Boxing champion dies after heavy knockout

The boxing community is in shock after Christian Daghio died following a heavy knockout.

The 49-year-old Muay Thai legend was fighting in a WBC Asian Boxing Council silver light heavyweight bout against Don Pareuang recently when he was on the receiving end of a brutal loss.

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Daghio was knocked down during the final round but managed to get back to his feet, with the referee checking on him before resuming the fight.

Daghio during the fateful bout. Image: Supplied

But Daghio then received a number of big punches, with the final blow sending him crashing to the canvas.

The referee immediately ended the fight and rushed to Daghio’s aid, taking out his mouthguard as his unaware opponent celebrated.

One of the heavy punches. Image: Supplied

Daghio was rushed to a nearby hospital and placed in a coma, which he never came out of.

His brother Fabrizio said the ring was ‘his life’:

“He died like he wanted. I have no regrets because he was like that. He wanted to fight till he was 80. The ring was his life and he died as a champion.” he told Italian media.

“My brother had a girlfriend in Thailand and a five-year-old girl who still doesn’t know her father has died.”

Daghio spent most of his career in Muay Thai, before turning to boxing.

He fought 189 times in Muay Thai and won 145, including several world titles.