'Absolute disgrace': Aussie champ 'screwed' in 'disgusting' boxing farce

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Andrew Moloney leans on the ropes as he waits for a decision after the fight with Joshua Franco.
Andrew Moloney awaits a decision after the fight with Joshua Franco for the WBA super flyweight title at the MGM Grand Conference Center on November 14, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

Aussie boxer Andrew Moloney’s world title fight descended into chaos and the decision has been labelled a ‘disgrace’ in his rematch against champ Joshua Franco in Las Vegas.

Moloney was looking to avenge his WBA Super Flyweight title loss against Franco, which was also his first professional loss back in June, and came out firing .

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The Aussie hit his opponent with with a plethora of jabs and out-landed Franco 25 shots to 11 in the first round.

Franco was unable to start the third round due to swelling his eye and Moloney naturally thought he had reclaimed his belt.

But the title fight descended into chaos as referee Russell Mora ruled Franco’s closed eye had been caused by an accidental Moloney headbutt.

This resulted in a ‘no decision’.

But then Nevada State Athletic Commission Officials reviewed the decision for 20 minutes, while the boxers remained anxious in the ring.

However, despite the video evidence appearing to show Franco’s eye being damaged after a number of jabs, the officials reaffirmed the referee’s ruling.

In Vegas, four rounds need to be completed before the scorecards come into effect. This meant Moloney was robbed of the TKO and it was ruled a ‘no-decision’.

The decision floored commentator and former world champ Timothy Bradley.

“This is ridiculous … This is pathetic, what a joke,” he said.

Fighting experts and fans were also fuming at the decision, which was labelled a ‘disgrace’.

Moloney devastated after referee decision

Moloney said in a post-fight interview: “His team’s talking s**t … He did not touch me. That eye was closed by 50 jabs … That’s why his eye’s shut, not the headbutt. There was no headbutt.

“I can’t believe that they took this away from me. I’ve trained my arse off the last five months, been away from my family.

“I can’t believe they didn’t give it to me … I can’t believe they’re taking this away from me.”

Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum, who promoted the fight, was visibly fuming after the bout.

He was seen in a conversation with the Commission’s director Bob Bennett after the video review.

“I was just telling him I’m absolutely disgusted... They made a mistake, the referee made a mistake,” he said.

“It’s clear, it’s not even close!”

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