Paul Gallen's scary claim to rivals before double-bout: 'I could kill you'

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Paul Gallen (pictured right) training for a boxing fight and (pictured left) Gallen and Justin Hodges in a scuffle at the pre-fight press conference.
Paul Gallen (pictured right) and Justin Hodges (pictured left) got into a scuffle at the pre-fight press conference. (Images: Main Event/Getty Images)

Paul Gallen was separated from Justin Hodges at their pre-fight press conference after the former NRL star said he could 'kill' his two opponents in the ring due to his experience during their royal-rumble type bout.

Gallen is reportedly upset at some of the details - set up by promoter company No Limits - on how his double-fight with Ben Hannant and Hodges will go down on Tuesday at Nissan Arena.

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One such frustration is waiting an hour between the two fights, which doesn't sit well with Gallen.

And tension appeared to bubble over on Tuesday when Gallen stood across from the pair and traded ugly barbs ahead of their fights that will be 4x2 minute rounds.

Gallen clearly irked Hannant with a verbal jab when he labelled the former Maroons star a 'benchwarmer' throughout his career.

Hannant then labelled Gallen a 'flog' after referring to his own NRL career.

"He doesn't get it," Hannant said.

"Whether I was starting or coming off the bench, it's about putting the team sound like a flog."

Gallen didn't take the barbs quietly and hit back.

"You are an idiot, you fought Hodgo and you think you can walk in and seriously compete," Gallen said.

"I could seriously kill you on Thursday night."

Paul Gallen in scuffle with Justin Hodges

However, the drama didn't end there.

Gallen then ripped into it Hodges after the duo traded barbs.

The former Queensland centre labelled Gallen as the 'worst captain ever' in Origin history.

Gallen and Hodges were then separated as they grabbed each other.

Paul Gallen (pictured left) and Justin Hodges (pictured right) scuffle at their press conference.
Paul Gallen (pictured left) and Justin Hodges (pictured right) clash during the Origin Rumble Official Press Conference. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

"You f**king bum," Hodges labelled Gallen.

However, the former front-rower sent a warning to his opponent.

“I'm going to make you look like a bum on Thursday,” Gallen added.

“You hear that ambulance that was here? It’s come a couple of days early.

“It's meant to come on Thursday. You’ll be going home in it. Make sure you kiss your kids goodnight before you go to the boxing fight.

"Hopefully you wake up.”

Gallen will fight Hodges and Hannant on the same night with at least an hour break between the bouts.

The prize fighter hasn't been told who he will face first and will only find out when the entrance music plays.

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