Boxer labelled 'worst in the world' after humiliating pro debut

How is this guy a professional boxer?

American fighter Emanuel Williams has made a name for himself after his pro debut recently, but not for the right reasons.

Williams came up against compatriot John Rincon over the weekend, who was also making his debut on Top Rank Boxing’s preliminary card.

While Rincon looked polished and impressive, Williams looked like he’d never fought before in his life.

Emanuel Williams was way out of his depth. Image: ESPN

The youngster was holding his hands way too high above his head and proceeded to flail wildly with a number of shocking punches.

It was a disaster from start to finish, with the bout over in 80 seconds after Rincon landed a pretty tame body shot.

His lone cornerman then left him writhing in pain in the ring as the post-fight proceedings kicked off.

Williams’ performance certainly caught the eye of commentators and fans, with many labelling him the ‘worst professional boxer in the world’.