'Criticism he gets is unfair': Tennis legend defends Novak Djokovic

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Boris Becker (pictured right) celebrating and sharing a hug with Novak Djokovic (pictured left).
Former coach and tennis great Boris Becker (pictured right) has defended Novak Djokovic (pictured left) following the controversial Adria Tour event. (Getty Images)

Tennis legend and former coach Boris Becker has come to the defence of Novak Djokovic after the disastrous Adria Tour event.

Djokovic and his wife tested positive for the virus last week, with the 17-time grand slam champion apologising online for organising the Adria Tour events which brought together professional players from various countries to play matches in Serbia and Croatia.

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Since then, Djokovic's coach, former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic, has confirmed he has tested positive for coronavirus.

But Djokovic’s former coach has jumped to his defence following the ill-fated tour.

Becker said while the partying was a bit over the top, the event was held in good spirits.

“I want to defend Novak a little,” Becker told The Telegraph.

“I think the criticism he gets is unfair, and that the reason everybody showed up was the right one.

“Yes, the partying and the basketball perhaps weren’t necessary. But I used to be 30 years old, and when I see my friends I like to enjoy myself.”

Djokovic’s father slams Dimitrov

Djokovic’s outspoken father blamed the cancellation of the tour on Dimitrov, one of the three other players to test positive in the last few days.

There is no evidence to suggest Dimitrov spread the virus to others.

“Why did it happen? Because that man probably came sick, who knows from where,” Srdjan Djokovic told RTL Croatia TV.

“He didn’t test here, he tested somewhere else ... I think that’s not fair.

“He inflicted damage to both Croatia and to us as a family in Serbia. Nobody is feeling well because of this situation.”

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