Black Caps star fools batsman with sneaky run-out

Kiwi paceman Neil Wagner has earned a cheeky run-out after catching the batsman napping.

The incident occurred during a Plunket Shield match between Canterbury and Otago in New Zealand, after batsman Tim Johnston faced a Wagner short ball.

Johnston then stepped out of his crease, presumably to control the ball, or pass it back to the bowler.

Either way it was a horrible mistake.

Immediately the Black Caps star sensed his opportunity, seemingly making eye contact with the batsman before quickly picking up the ball and under-arming it at the stumps.

He immediately appealed and the wicket was awarded, leaving Johnston embarrassed and Wagner celebrating like he'd just won the match.

Wagner celebrates after the crazy run-out. Pic: NZ Cricket

What a crazy moment.

Watch it unfold in the video at the top of the page.

Wagner is no stranger to incredible run-outs, after falling victim to one of the unluckiest dismissals in cricket history.

Earlier this year, he was run out, despite his whole body being past the crease on a run attempt.