Betting giant Dafabet set for grand launch in Kenya
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Betting giant Dafabet set for grand launch in Kenya

Betting giant Dafabet set for grand launch in Kenya

Leading Asian betting firm Dafabet have landed in Kenya and already started operations, a move that has excited sports gamblers.

Radio and newspaper adverts has got the social media into overdrive as the firm touts itself as one offering the ‘bigger bets and best odds”, live streaming and instant payouts.

Dafabet, which sponsors two English Premier League sides, Sunderland and Burnley, also have shirt deals with Victor Wanyama’s former employers Celtic of Scotland and 1995 English champions Blackburn.

The betting firm, ranked 23rd in the global gambling standings is the latest entrant in the sports booking industry with operations. Kenya becomes their first port in Africa. "They have been around for about a year since they showed interest and have been operating for about a month but they are now ready to launch in a big way," a source said adding that the launch date will be announced soon.

Their entry will definitely shake the current players if their many years of operation in the United Kingdom and profile is anything to go by, with analysts projecting a dip in the numbers that current market leaders attract.

"They have a greater capacity in terms of what incentives they can offer and that makes it very attractive to the Kenyan market. I have looked at their platform since they have gone live a few weeks ago and it is obvious that they are already hitting the numbers so it is going to be very competitive now."

In addition to offering customers the opportunity to place a bet for as low as Sh10 for a match, Dafabet also have a daily Jackpot where gamblers can win for correct prediction of the scores of at least four matches, a unique offer that is not currently in the market.