Raudonikis reveals doctor's Origin sledge over cancer battle

Tommy Raudonikis has revealed he isn't going down without a fight in his third battle with cancer.

And his doctor reckons he's got a better chance than the league legend's famous NSW Blues.

"I've got a pretty bad one but I'm really focused on it," he told 7 News Sydney.

"I said 'what are my chances?'

"He said 'one out of three'. But he said 'it's better than the New South Wales side, they've got none out of 11!'

Raudonikis's association with Origin is a great one. Pic: Getty

"He did say that, so I said 'mate, well, I'll cop that'.

The 67-year-old is battling the disease in his neck after overcoming testicular in the 1980s and throat cancer three years ago.

Surgery to remove the cancer from his neck wasn't a complete success, and he will undergo radiation from Monday to Friday, plus chemotherapy, for the next six weeks.

He's facing it head on. Pic: Channel 7

"I'm not going to let anybody down in my fight," he said.

"I'm not gonna sook it and say 'oh, I can't go on with this any more'.

"No, I'm going for it, mate."