Beta Squad vs AMP LIVE! Charity match abandoned after pitch invasion

Beta Squad vs AMP – LIVE!

A YouTube collective charity match between Beta Squad and AMP was called off early as fans invaded the pitch at Selhurst Park. The match was heading to penalties in injury time when one supporter rushed on, prompting a huge swell of others to join them.

Players quickly headed for the tunnel before the game, in aid of The Water Project, was abandoned.

The contest in south London was an entertaining affair beforehand with a professional ‘Mystery Player’ scoring twice for AMP while wearing a mask as well as an own goal for Beta Squad. Daniel Sturridge came off the bench for AMP to make it 6-6 late on before the invasion drew an early halt to proceedings.

Beta Squad vs AMP latest news

  • TV channel and live stream: YouTube

  • Starting line-ups

  • Match abandoned after fans invade pitch

UPDATE: Rematch planned after pitch invasion

18:51 , Marc Mayo

There were social media rumours that the penalty shootout was going to happen but it still doesn’t look like it.

The live YouTube stream just kicked back up with Kai challenging Beta Squad to a rematch in the United States.

Looks like we’re heading Stateside for part two!

Thanks for joining us

18:16 , Marc Mayo

Well, an entertaining affair until we were denied what looked like a penalty shootout by the pitch invasion.

Thanks for joining us in today’s live blog, we’ll hopefully be back with the next YouTube football contest!

One day we’ll hopefully find out who the Mystery Player was...

Match abandoned

18:07 , Marc Mayo

Well, that is it. Fewer fans on the pitch now but too many to easily clear and Beta Squad vs AMP will have to finish at 6-6.

Pitch invasion stops play

18:05 , Marc Mayo

Looks like we won’t be getting penalties - as had been planned if the game ended in a draw.

Pitch invasion stops play

18:03 , Marc Mayo

Upgrade that estimate of hundreds to maybe a couple thousand fans now on the pitch. The players have left for the dressing rooms...

Several public announcements demanding fans to get off and that we’ll have to call it there unless they do.

Hearing talk of the game being called off now.

Play halted!

18:02 , Marc Mayo

Three added minutes but we’ve got a pitch invasion!

First one fan broke on and Kai wrestled him to the ground now we’ve got hundreds out there...

GGGOOOAALLL!!! Beta Squad 6-6 AMP | Sturridge, 90'

18:00 , Marc Mayo

AJ has stolen the flag and Kai wrestles him to the ground before booting the flag into the crowd...

And in the meantime Daniel Sturridge actually has made it 6-6! A simple finish with the defence nowhere to be seen.


17:59 , Marc Mayo

Druski, the AMP manager, has levelled up at the death!


Beta Squad 6-5 AMP | 88 mins

17:58 , Marc Mayo


Danny Aarons picks Daniel Sturridge’s pocket on the goalline to deny what was surely the leveller.

Beta Squad 6-5 AMP | 87 mins

17:56 , Marc Mayo

Another huge chance for AMP and Duke Dennis skies way over from barely six yards out!

Up the other end, Deji slashes a shot wide.

Tired legs out there and you sense another goal or two is on the way...

GGOOAALLL!! Beta Squad 6-5 AMP | Niko, 82'

17:55 , Marc Mayo

Beta Squad back in front! Kenny finds Niko in acres of space in the box and he slots home!

Beta Squad 6-5 AMP | 85 mins

17:55 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Sturridge is played through on goal... chips Trey... but it lands wide! Huge chance for AMP and the perfect play to take it.

GGGOOAALL!!! Beta Squad 5-5 AMP | ChrisMD, 80'

17:51 , Marc Mayo

ChrisMD catches Trey off his line and scores into the empty net!

Beta Squad 5-4 AMP | 76 mins

17:46 , Marc Mayo

Back underway for the last 15 minutes and Daniel Sturridge is dropping deep to dictate the play. A bit late for his Pirlo era, surely.

Mystery Player has gone off while Mark Goldbridge is on as player-manager for Beta Squad.

Beta Squad 5-4 AMP | 72 mins

17:42 , Marc Mayo

I stand corrected, Daniel Sturridge is coming on for AMP!

First the Mystery Player, now a former Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool striker. Is the comeback on the cards?

Beta Squad 5-4 AMP | 71 mins

17:41 , Marc Mayo

Mark Goldbridge is back out the tunnel and he’s fully kitted up to come on!

Also have Daniel Sturridge down in the technical area during this water break, but he doesn’t look ready to play.

GGGOOOOAAALLLL!! Beta Squad 5-4 AMP | Mystery Player, 67'

17:38 , Marc Mayo

Superb run from the right wing, beating two defenders and finishing with ease... it’s the Mystery Player atoning for that earlier own goal!

GGGOOOAALLL!!! Beta Squad 5-3 AMP | Eman, 65'

17:36 , Marc Mayo

Eman breaks the line and scores! He even grabs a fan’s phone for a selfie in celebration.

Mark Goldbridge appears to have stormed off in fury...

Beta Squad 5-2 AMP | 64 mins

17:34 , Marc Mayo

AMP have improved since falling three goals down but don’t have the attacking finesse to start to hack into this deficit.

GGGOOOOAAALLL!!! Beta Squad 5-2 AMP | Mystery Player OG, 59'

17:30 , Marc Mayo

From the corner, a deep ball is flapped at by Sketch and bounces in off the Mystery Player at the far post! You couldn’t make it up...

Beta Squad 4-2 AMP | 59 mins

17:29 , Marc Mayo


Beta Squad hitting their stride now as AJ and Niko combine to find Chunkz... and Sketch tips his effort onto the woodwork!

Beta Squad 4-2 AMP | 57 mins

17:27 , Marc Mayo

Filly really let loose with that celebration, his first was a bit of an embarrassed reaction but that was a fine finish and he went wild in front of the screaming fans.

Up the other end, Shank flies one well wide as AMP look to get back into it. All of a sudden, they’re two goals down.

GGOOAALLL!! Beta Squad 4-2 AMP | Filly, 55'

17:26 , Marc Mayo

Angry Ginge tries to do a Beckham from the halfway line at kick-off and it’s not a horrendous effort, bouncing wide with the keeper Trey on top of it.

Beta Squad straight on the attack again and Filly bursts in down the right channel... and buries his shot!

GGOOAALL!!! Beta Squad 3-2 AMP | Filly, 53'

17:24 , Marc Mayo

Filly makes it 3-2! Sketch should really do better with a shot right at him from range but he fumbles it and Beta Squad lead again.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | 51 mins

17:21 , Marc Mayo

Stoppage in play as Kai has pulled up with an injury. He hobbles off.

Proper hot day at Selhurst Park, can’t be easy for non-pros.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | 47 mins

17:18 , Marc Mayo

Huge chance for AMP as Mystery Player stands up a nice cross to the far post... and Agent pings a header over the bar.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | Kick-off!

17:15 , Marc Mayo

A quick headcount from the referee and we’re back underway in this charity match in south London.

Druski has slotted himself into the centre of defence for AMP.

Second-half coming up

17:12 , Marc Mayo

Credit to Mystery Player who is keeping his mask on in the dressing room, probably aware there are cameras everywhere at this game!

The players make their way out onto the pitch with the score tied at 2-2. We’ll go to penalties if it stays level at full-time...

It looks like Druski is subbing himself on!


16:56 , Marc Mayo

Aitch with a very hopeful tumble in the penalty box and no penalty says the referee!

And that’s the break! Join us for the second half in about 15 minutes.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | 45+1 mins

16:54 , Marc Mayo

Chunkz lines up the free-kick... bit weak.

Mystery Player leads a counter-attack and finds Eman - cross well blocked.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | 45 mins

16:52 , Marc Mayo

Ray is still getting some treatment for cramp or whatever on the sidelines. No sign of any herbal remedies, scalpels or oxygen masks yet though.

Booking for Angry Ginge after arriving second to a loose ball, Kenny going over 30 yards from goal. Stonewall.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | 43 mins

16:50 , Marc Mayo

Johnny Carey’s been on the pitch for about seven minutes for AMP and it looks like he’s just pulled his hamstring!

Let’s see if he can play through it til the break.

Beta Squad on the attack but AJ floats a cross too deep.

Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | 41 mins

16:49 , Marc Mayo

A long delay to a Beta Squad corner because Ray looks like he has cramp or something after a good slide tackle.

Druski has been come on the pitch to come to his player’s aid and is now literally carrying him off the pitch!

GGGOOOAALLL!!! Beta Squad 2-2 AMP | Mystery Player, 38'

16:46 , Marc Mayo

Mystery Player makes his mark! In acres of space, he cuts in and out to score.

He’s careful to keep his mask on, too...

Beta Squad 2-1 AMP | 38 mins

16:45 , Marc Mayo

Mystery Player turns on the afterburners now down the left wing, he cuts in a good cross but no AMP striker is there to finish off. The sharp Harry Peniro once again on defensive duties to clear.

Beta Squad 2-1 AMP | 35 mins

16:43 , Marc Mayo

Substitutions going on all over the place, quite hard to keep on top of but Aitch and Bradley have just come on for Beta Squad.

GGGOOOAALLL!! Beta Squad 2-1 AMP | Sharky, 31'

16:40 , Marc Mayo

What a hit! Sharky lofts a free-kick from 30 yards which catches Sketch out and hits the top corner!

Beta Squad 1-1 AMP | 28 mins

16:36 , Marc Mayo

A bit of a water break before we restart.

Mark Goldbridge telling his players to “simplify and compact” in a bit of a team talk. Not sure his Goldbridgeball philosophy is taking hold here.

GGOOAALL!! Beta Squad 1-1 AMP | Eman, 26'

16:34 , Marc Mayo

Mystery Player has shown some lovely dribbling but his end product isn’t great. Which makes Alex Iwobi a very decent shout for his identity.

Some online saying Djed Spence, but he’s not quick enough to be the Spurs full-back - and he’s too big, too.

And we have the leveller! Eman beats a defender and drills home a lovely shot.

GGGOOOAALLL!! Beta Squad 1-0 AMP | AJ, 21'

16:30 , Marc Mayo

Angry Ginge of AMP and Harry Pinero of Beta Squad are both defending expertly, very little getting by them.

But there’s the opener!

AJ takes aim from outside the box and curls a beauty top bins. He takes his shirt off for an acrobatic celebration!

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 19 mins

16:27 , Marc Mayo

Mark Goldbridge tunes into the live stream from the dugout but he’s too busy trying to sub off Jidion to chat.

On the pitch, Chunkz shoots over from range in a rare Beta Squad attack.

Niko then pops up at the far post and hits the side netting from a tight angle.


16:24 , Marc Mayo

Kai faces down Trey and he smacks the woodwork as well!

Two penalties for AMP, both hit the bar!

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 15 mins

16:23 , Marc Mayo

Time for changes on both sides. Fanum off for AMP.

XDuttinho on for Deji as Beta Squad make one too.

And we have another AMP penalty! Jidion with a clear-as-day handball.

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 14 mins

16:21 , Marc Mayo

Mystery Player cuts in from the right and skews a shot over on his left foot. It must be tough playing in a full mask, looks like a Deadpool style with just two eyeholes.

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 12 mins

16:20 , Marc Mayo

Should be 1-0 by AMP as Duke Dennis makes a poor connection after a lay-off by Mystery Player.

The American collective have been comfortably the better team so far.

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 9 mins

16:16 , Marc Mayo

Mystery Player is apparently only allowed to score one goal, and beats a player before teeing up Agent... he shoots wide.

This guy is running the show for AMP but my guess is he’s not in his prime. Looks a little slow (famous last words).

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 7 mins

16:15 , Marc Mayo

Michael Olise is the latest Mystery Player speculation online. Hmm, that guy’s too tall for me. Looks like 6ft3 and definitely favours his right foot, as he goes down the right and wins a corner as his cross is cleared.

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 4 mins

16:12 , Marc Mayo

Huge chance for AMP as ChrisMD goes on a superb run, beating two men before teeing up Ray... shot skewed wide.

Beta Squad under big pressure.


16:10 , Marc Mayo

Jidion just flattened Ray, belly first, as he raced into the box and AMP have a huge chance.

It’ll be goalkeeper Sketch to take! And he hits the bar! Think he tried a Panenka...

Beta Squad 0-0 AMP | 1 min

16:09 , Marc Mayo

Social media is going rampant with guesses for the Mystery Player already. Some are suggesting Eberechi Eze but a) that guy’s too tall and b) Eze’s with the England squad in Newcastle!

And we have a first-minute penalty for AMP! Just 45 seconds in.

Beta Squad vs AMP | Kick-off!

16:08 , Marc Mayo

Lots of players running down the sidelines meeting fans while the coin toss takes place.

We’re also delayed by an apparent missing player and Ray has been thrown on off the bench by AMP to fill out their XI.

Right let’s get down to business!

Remember, if it finishes level we’ll go to penalties.

First look at the mystery player

16:02 , Marc Mayo

Our Premier League-Champions League level ‘mystery player’ is lining up on the wing for AMP and is in a morph suit and balaclava. All we can see is that they have long black hair...

Here come the teams!

16:01 , Marc Mayo

The sun is shining on south London and the two teams are making their way onto the pitch as kick-off for this charity match fast approaches.

Mark Goldbridge gives his take ahead of kick-off

15:45 , Marc Mayo

“We’ve got a strong bench and we’re all very, very excited.

“Goldbridgeball is basically an ethos of playing out from the back and keeping the ball on the ground, and teamwork up the pitch rather than individual talent. Controlling the game and winning as a team.

“I think the draft has changed things, I was very confident because we’re better but the draft has levelled things up. There were a few surprises and it’ll be close but we’re very confident.”

What charity is the match for?

15:40 , Marc Mayo

Today’s game is in aid of The Water Project, which aims to provide clean and safe water to communities in Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

Countdown to kick-off

15:30 , Marc Mayo

The game is just 30 minutes away as Selhurst Park continues to fill up nicely.

All eyes on manager Mark Goldbridge

15:20 , Marc Mayo

Will the Manchester United vlogger prove more Ancelotti or Solskjaer? He’s in charge of Beta Squad today.

The squads are here

15:09 , Marc Mayo

Lots of fans out to greet the players off the bus.

Beta Squad vs AMP

14:42 , Jonathan Gorrie

Closing in on kick-off!

Beta Squad vs AMP

14:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

How the two teams will start...

Beta Squad vs AMP: Is there a mystery player today?

13:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

There will also be a mystery player - currently a professional and has played at Premier League and Champions League - involved and wearing a mask during the match.

Beta Squad vs AMP: All other players today

13:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

Other players

  • Aitch

  • Ali "AnEsonGib"

  • Christopher "ChrisMD"

  • Danny Aarons

  • Deji

  • Felipe "Yung Filly"

  • Harry Pinero

  • Jidon "JiDion"

  • Kylie "Sketch"

  • Morgan "AngryGinge"

  • UTDTrey

  • William "WillNE"

Who is playing for AMP today?

13:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

AMP (manager Druski)

  • Kai Cenat

  • Chris "ChrisNxtDoor"

  • Davis "ImDavisss"

  • Din "Agent 00 Gaming"

  • Duke Dennis

  • Roberto "JustFanum"

Who is playing for Beta Squad today?

13:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Beta Squad (manager Mark Goldbridge)

  • Amin "Chunkz"

  • Niko Omilana

  • Ayaanle "AJ Shabeel"

  • Sharmarke "Sharky"

  • Kenny "King Kenny"

Beta Squad vs AMP: TV channel and live stream

13:35 , Jonathan Gorrie

Live stream: Fans can watch the match on YouTube.

Live blog: You can follow all the action via Standard Sport’s live blog.


13:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

Good afternoon and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the Beta Squad’s friendly against AMP today.

Kick-off at Selhurst Park is at 4pm BST.

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