Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman team up for new movie

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman will be teaming up for a new movie.

According to Variety, the duo will be starring in a remake of the 1989 dark comedy The War of the Roses, which itself was based on author Warren Adler's 1981 novel.

The War of the Roses is centered around a bitter divorce battle, where an estranged couple will go to absolutely any lengths to come out on top in the courtroom.

This new version, to be titled The Roses, is being directed by Jay Roach, the filmmaker behind the Austin Powers movies and 2019's ripped-from-the-headlines film Bombshell.

The Roses is being written by Tony McNamara, who reunites with The Favourite star Olivia Colman on the project. McNamara earned a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination this year for Poor Things.

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In the new The War of the Roses, Theo (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Ivy (Olivia Colman) seem to be in an idyllic marriage, but when it falls apart, each is determined to make the other pay.

Producer Matthew Greenfield announced: "The Roses is a wildly funny, bigger than life, and yet deeply human story. With Jay at the helm, and Benedict and Olivia and Tony, we have a dream team bringing it to life."

Both Benedict and Olivia will be on board as producers, as well as stars.

"We have been cooking this up with our friends at [Benedict's company] SunnyMarch for some time, and it has been an absolute thrill to see it spring into life under Jay’s passionate and thoughtful guidance. He and Tony are a match made in cinematic comedy heaven," Colman and producing partner Ed Sinclair said.

Olivia is fresh off a huge year where she starred in the black comedy Wicked Little Letters and the blockbuster Wonka.

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The Academy Award winner is so busy that she's had to turn down appearing in the third season of Netflix's Heartstopper due to scheduling conflicts.

Next up for Benedict is the Netflix thriller series Eric, where he'll play a puppeteer whose life veers wildly out of control when his 9-year-old son suddenly goes missing.

The Roses does not yet have a release date.

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