BBL players left fuming after David Warner hit with 'ludicrous' fine

Moises Henriques and David Warner have both received fines from Cricket Australia for things said while mic'd up.

Moises Henriques and David Warner, pictured here in action in the BBL.
Moises Henriques and David Warner have been hit with fines from Cricket Australia while playing in the BBL. Image: Getty

It's about time the mute button was applied to the suits at Cricket Australia who clearly have no idea how live sport works. CA's ludicrous decision to fine BBL stars David Warner and Moises Henriques – among others – for things said in the spur of the moment while they're mic'd up during games is right up there in the over-reaction stakes.

The players are rightly angered, with some now outright refusing to wear the mics for fear one more F-word or complaint about a decision will bring about a fine and/or suspension. And who could blame them?

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Broadcasters Fox Sports and Channel 7 are equally as peed-off (better not swear here in case CA is reading) because their viewers are being robbed of some wonderful insights from players centred right in the heat of the battle. Who didn't marvel as Rashid Khan talked us through his spell during a match against the Melbourne Stars, gently sledging the batters and challenging them to take him on as he told viewers his next move?

Commentators can go straight to a player for an explanation on a controversial moment, game tactics, conditions or what the team ate for breakfast that morning. What other sport allows that sort of access during a game?

Like in any live situation, occasionally an inappropriate word may slip through or a player's annoyance with an official broadcast for all to hear. This isn’t some reality TV show when bad words can be edited out and neatly packaged up for consumption weeks down the track.

It's raw, it’s emotional and sometimes it goes over the top. The CA suits can't have it both ways.

David Warner, pictured here wearing a microphone in the BBL.
David Warner has worn the microphone during a number of games in the BBL. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

BBL players left fuming over fines while mic'd up

They're happy taking the big money from TV rights but then want to pick and choose what goes to air. Yahoo Sport Australia has been told their big stick even extends beyond the playing field, with players censured for showing anger and frustration after getting out well after crossing the boundary rope.

While players aren't talking an all-out boycott of on-air microphones, they want some assurances they won't be whacked financially for minor slip-ups. As one BBL player told Yahoo Sport Australia: "If you left a microphone around most work sites in Australia, I'm sure you'd hear a lot worse.

"Players are aware of their responsibilities while mic'd up but sometimes emotions get the better of you and the TV audience hears something they shouldn't. I think most would agree the rewards out-rate the risks and we just want them (CA) to show a little more leniency and understanding."

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